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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. biscottino
    surely it can not be a cheap repair, the price refers to a pair of drivers for 009, not 009s, unfortunately both channels are dead.
    The Stax did not ask what was the amplifier used, but only because the 009 were not under warranty.
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  2. chinsettawong
    If you are willing to DIY, repairing the headphones isn't that difficult.
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  3. Hubert481
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  4. cat6man
    you caught my naming error........i was using 009s as the plural of 009 (as in headphones, plural) and forgot there was an animal called 009s.........oops
    i went back and changed/fixed the original post

    I am not using a Woo amp, but wondering if they were an authorized repair facility for Stax.
    as for warranty, i am long out of warranty period so that is not an issue.

    i will try some of the solutions suggested for dust/etc and see if that helps.
    there is NO channel imbalance at all, just occasional intermittent static and crackling/distortion.
    sometimes I tap it or move the phones and it goes away and bliss returns

    keeping my fingers crossed as I love the sound of 009/BHSE.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2018
  5. biscottino
    repairing the headphones is not my game, having a carbon and now the srm dm10, I think I sleep peacefully ...
  6. statfi
    I got my SR-009 fixed through contact with arale@edifier-international.com.
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  7. purk Contributor
    What do u think of the D10?
  8. biscottino
    has incredible, grainy superfine, reconstruction headstage very wide, a nice low range and an excellent output volume, at hour 12 the volume is already very high, certainly in combo with Hugo2 using a Audioquest cable 30€, does not disfigure near the combo Merging Nadac + Carbon, if I think only the Acrolink xlr cable costs as much as the srm d10, I can really think wrong
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  9. cat6man
  10. bwck2000
    I saw someone fixed his faulty driver by taking the diaphragm out and wash it under running water. That 009 is once sent back for dust-cleaning but imbalance still persist. So cleaning the driver yourself is really something feasible.
  11. natto lover
    remember that thread, he actually just cleaned the dust cover. pretty surprising he didn't destroy it. It is not easy to clean the driver at all (unless you know what you're doing of course)
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  12. bwck2000
    I saw him posting pictures of the actual smooth, uniform diaphragm , not the wrinkled , semi-transparent dust cover , perhaps he didn't post it on head-fi , or maybe more than one person that are doing the same......
  13. astrostar59
    What is the current warranty period in the EU for Stax headphones?
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  14. natto lover
  15. Whitigir
    That was confirmed to be a dust screen, wasn’t it ? In fact, watering out the diaphragm is a horrible idea as the ES-Particles May be washed away with it ? I believe @chinsettawong mentioned that too

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