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The Official Sennheiser IE800S thread!

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  1. Roybenz
    I had the ie800, sold them, bought the ie800s, sold them and bought ie800 again, and I'm happy i did. ie800s is more dull in my opinion, doesn't have the same crisp and clarity as the ie800.
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  2. Slim1970
    Interesting that you went back to IE800’s. I thought the IE800S’s would at least build on what makes the IE800’s so good and just bring up the midrange a little. Sounds like the IE800S’s have a whole new sound.
  3. zardos
    Not a whole new sound. IE800 is a little bit more tuned for fun and produces a few more wow effects. IE800S has the more balanced, reference sound, may in direct comparison with IE800 be perceived dull, I don’t know. I like both. While the S is my favorite of the two, the sound tuning of the IE800 is appealing, easy to fall in love with.
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  4. Slim1970
    Got it, so the IE800S's are worth the upgrade then?
  5. normie610
    @Mimouille so no sound differences at all?
  6. Mimouille
    I haven't compared. I am always skeptical affect sound, the only reason they should is if they affect impedance. In any a case, just changing part of the cable should not change much. I haven't noticed anything drastic.
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  7. davidmolliere
    Just FYI, I am parting with the IE800S, need to fund my CIEM endeavors... link to the ad in my sig
  8. Stranger Than Fiction
    I came from the IE8, went to the IE800, then the Shure SE846, followed by the Noble Kaiser. Sold the Kaiser due to unforseen circs and now auditioning both the IE800S and the Campfire Audio Atlas; auditioning the former as I type.

    And I am strangely liking it more than the Atlas in some ways.
  9. Mimouille
    How is that strange?
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  10. Stranger Than Fiction
    Price point and the level of hype the Atlas has garnered.
  11. Stranger Than Fiction
    I am absolutely in love with the tuning and sound signature - which is tailor made seemingly for the sort of progressive trance I listen to on the daily.

    The only faults I can find with the sound at the moment are:
    - Certain sounds are pushed back where the Noble revealed them
    - Spannish guitars sound quite metallic at the highest notes
    - The didgeriedoo in “Grillos” (from the Cafe del Mar series) didn’t sound textured or realistic.

    None of these are particularly deal-breakers, not when the overall presentation has got me captivated. My only major concern I suppose is fit, isolation and whether the earphones will remain taut, sealed, within my ears while I’m walking. It’s this factor that saw me exchange the original IE800.
  12. Slashn77
    The atlas definitely have hype and look more premium IMO especially with the nice Litz cable it comes with looks more premium to me.
    I love my CA products (Lyra II and Casecades)
    However I am curious about how easy is it to to get the proper fit between the 2 as the biggest downfall of the Lyras are having to push them by in for proper seal every few minutes which was a pain for me and others and could be one of the reasons why they completely changed up the style of their iems with their new atlas/comets
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  13. subguy812
    All of this talk has really made me excited to take a listen to my IE800S again and especially compare the Atlas. I do know that the IE800S will be smoother all of the way around. The Atlas is more energetic. I have a feeling it would be more about my mood that it would be a serious preference toward one of the other. The Atlas is very addictive.
  14. Stranger Than Fiction
    ^ This.

    There are moments where the Atlas wants to jump out of your ears, where the music pops with a palpable energy.

    In some regards I prefer the overall signature of the IE800S but it is going to be a hard decision. Hopefully price doesn’t become a factor.
  15. Pizzaa
    A new owner of ie800s and new to iem. I found something interesting about ear tips.
    I have the same good seal using both M and L size silicon ear tips.
    The M size tips sit deep inside my ear canals. It is very comfy to wear and the ie800s just disappears in my ear. However, the sound is dull, lacks energy and attacks but with impactful bass slump (sometimes too hard for me).
    The L size ear tips sit a little more far away from my ear canals and its bigger size makes me less comfy. However, the ie800s transforms.
    Sound signature become a trace thinner, soundstage width and depth expand a lot, more airy, better separation, layering and imaging although some bass slump is lost.
    It seems to me that having a good seal is not the only factor to get the best listening experience, distance from the eardrum is also important.
    I wonder which sound signature is the intended one by the designers of ie800s.
    I also doubt the reviewers that claim ie800s are dull and not engaging didn't experience all the ear tips.
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