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The Official Sennheiser IE800S thread!

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  1. BiggieBig
    I was going to get snuggs for these as the fitting wasn't great for me.

    however in the end like somebody suggest I manage to cut the Bose ears plugs to fir around the back of the ear.
    perfect fit after that
  2. RuiPP
  3. BiggieBig
    TBH I haven't seen many ie800s on ebay in general. So if there are counterfeits around not in the masses yet
  4. Exit
    As far as I know, living close to China and surfing their shopping sites and headfi forums a lot, fakes have not come out yet. But I think soon. It's just a matter of time. Btw, T8ie have counterfeits being sold right now. Looks like Xelento is not far from being copied too.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
  5. chicken beer
    For most people, the IEMs all sound almost the same...
  6. Karllin
    May be an odd question, but can an ie800S owner let me know if the balanced cable is a few inches longer than the 3.5mm cable? Bought a pair in China and everything seems fine, but I’m paranoid.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2018
  7. Karllin
    I found the answer. It is .1 meter longer. Found the length in the owners manual of all places.... :wink:
  8. chicken beer
    ie800s are supposed to be made in germany. If you bought it in China or from China, good luck to you. Chinese fakers basically use the same parts stolen from the waterline to manufacture ie800s clones so you’ll never tell.
  9. chicken beer
    By the way, why buy ie800s when the campfire Lyra II are just 399 on massdrop......
  10. Karllin
    They are made in Germany. But I bought them in China from Amazon. Judging from the packaging, ear pieces, and sound, they are not fake. But the 4.4mm cable being a few inches longer spooked me. :wink:
  11. Karllin
    Sure the Campfire are great, but I like the ie800s sound very much. More than my se846. Been comparing them all day and I find the ie800S just sounds more open and natural than the se846. Still think the se846 are incredible iems, too.
  12. ropie

    I also have both the SE846 and the IE800S
    Have the Shures for over a year.
    Found a great deal on a barely used pair of IE800S only two days ago, so could not resist.

    I really like the sound of the Sennheisers as well.
    Though quite differently voiced, I could not pick a clear favorite

    ....Guess I just have to switch from the one to the other every once and a while....
    Karllin likes this.
  13. joshnor713
    I'm on the same boat, have both of these. Whenever I think I prefer the other, I switch back and fall in love again. They both hit different spots just right. The Senn's in their technicality and the Shure's with their rockin' punch.
  14. cfc7
    Has anybody worn these constantly over the ear? Is the cable strong enough in time or does it risk to wear out easily in this position?
  15. Cann3dh33t
    I have only worn them over ear. They feel a lot more secure and I get a deeper fit. There are no signs of wear on the cable or strain relief near the housings. Whenever I would try to wear them cable down it felt like they wanted to fall out if I wanted to move around. Almost 2 yrs. and they still look new.
    Dobrescu George likes this.
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