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The Official Sennheiser IE800S thread!

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  1. Philo
    I would be very curious how these babies could be compared to the over-ear Audeze LCD 2, like details, soundstage, bass response, mids and highs - and overall fun of listening...
  2. kdphan
  3. Dobrescu George
    I miiiiiight look into that if you really want, but IE800 and LCD-MX4 or LCD-2 are all very different, this is why I never compared them directly, way different products, way different price brackets, way diffewrent usage scenarios.
  4. Slashn77
    They were selling on amazon not third party and they were there for 2 weeks since I saw them and the last time I checked was last Tuesday or Wednesday and they were still there so I’m sure they will be back.
    I was looking hard because I was going to get a used set for $400 then I saw them on amazon when it was pointed out by a member originally in the IE800 forum so it was no longer worth it to me to pay $400 used.

    However I ended up pulling the trigger on the CA Cascades on Monday and am very satisfied with them so I am no longer in the market.
    Keep an eye out around November December and I’m sure they’ll be on sale again
  5. Philo
    Just try it please!
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  6. GiacomoHoldini
    Heck - if they had been that price a couple months ago when I got the IE800S, I probably would have gotten the IE800 instead.
  7. Exit
    IMG_20180519_001241_598.jpg Just to mourn over my Ie800s.
    Last edited: May 22, 2018
  8. Cann3dh33t
    Damn, I feel for you.
    Hurts to look at.
  9. SteveOliver
    What happened did you run over them with your car or steam roller? :)

    I would claim on my insurance if I accidentally did that.
  10. Exit
    They accidentally hit on the wall and then fell. They are under warranty and I know I'm responsible. But Sennheiser Hong Kong still charges around 750 USD for the Y cable plus earphones while IE800's only costs around 350. I don't understand this insane price. I have managed to get an old pair of the ceramic shell from Ie800 and send them together to the third party shop for repair. Not sure if they will succeed and whether the sound will change…
    Last edited: May 22, 2018
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  11. GiacomoHoldini
    Yikes. I always wondered how brittle the ceramic shells were. I guess now I know.
  12. Dobrescu George
    The short version:

    LCD-2 vs IE800 - LCD-2 is also V-shaped, but it sounds thicker, more natural, more dynamic, more impact in the bass, and it has a more natural tone, with a larger soundstage where Ie800 has more instrument separation by default, is much brighter, especially in the 11kHz area, sounds more emphatic in the upper midrange (more emphasis on guitars and other upper midrange instruments) and can be harsher / more sibilant easier. IE800 has more sub-bass, less mid-bass, much less midrange (pretty recessed), and more treble in comparison. IE800 is a IEM though, where LCD-2 are full over-the-ear headphones. Comfort is not comparable directly. Detail levels are similar between the two, more or less, depends on the type of music you listen to, and whether you're looking for details in the treble or the midrange. LCD-2 has the better midrange, that is clear. You might want IE800 as a portable IEM, and because they are much more V-shaped, more energetic, more jumpy, more lively, where LCD-2 is much better tuned to work with almost anyone's ears and music, LCD-2 will work really well with almost anyone, where IE800 will be really specific for those who like it or not. I needed around 2 hours of listening to get used to IE800's sound again and find why I love it so much, but then I remembered why I love it so much.

    LCD-MX4 vs IE800 - LCD-MX4 is even better than LCD-2, but they are different in tuning, they are tilted towards a more mid-centric signature, with a midrange emphasis when compared to LCD-2, so they sound even more different from IE800. The things you notice at first are: Much better bass impact, much larger overall sound, thicker sound, more mid-bass emphasis, more midrange emphasis, better PRaT, similar instrument separation, much smoother in the treble, with considerably less treble impact, where IE800 is incomparably much brighter, with more treble sparkle, detail and impact. LCD-MX4 can be Equalized to sound more tuned like LCD-2, and it retains their excellent bass depth and impact, basically LCD-MX4, with some EQ beats Ie800 in most ways, but man, you need take into account that LCD-MX4 is anywhere from 4 times to 6 times more expensive, this is to be expected :) On this note, LCD-MX4 also has some more detail than either IE800 or LCD-2, it simply is a headphone standing proud of their cost.

    Pretty certain those are not US dollars, that wouldn't make sense, IE800 wasn't that expensive on launch or right now, they started from 700USD afaik, someone asking for 750 just for the earphone part sounds really strange... Plus, I had encounters with needing to change it and Sennheiser was a love even back when I was just an annoying Head-Fi user :)

    Sennheiser is really friendly when it comes to those things, try to contact Sennheiser official and report the abusive ones in your contry :)

    Usually they are not this brittle, my IE800 hit the earth 3-4 times and no scratches... I even stepped on them, was walking, didn't notice they fell out of my pockets. Working like the first day :)

    I think maybe the ones above weren't original, or the IE800S has a different material, those are not the originals, but the S variant, which seems to be made from another material rather than the mighty ceramic the original Ie800 was made of.
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  13. Philo
    Many thanks George! So the IE 800 (not the S version) is also rich by the detalis like the LCD 2. That's a good news! I had listen to them both, and loved them both. I think the IE 800 is much more comfortable especially for me, and it's mobil, so it's the better choice.
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  14. Exit
    For anyone who is interested in the follow-up. I wrote to Sennheiser Germany and they have reconfirmed the price of IE800S' Y cable plus two capsules: around 750 USD globally, varied with currency conversion. It's more than double of IE800's repair price. Take good care of your beloved ie800s, folks.
    Last edited: May 23, 2018
  15. nevrsumr
    At that point I would buy the ie800 and eq it to match the 800s frequency graph.
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