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The New AEON 2: It's The End Of MrSpeakers

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 1, 2019.
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  1. marcusd
    I see a few questions here I can answer from my initial impressions posted yesterday.


    1. I tend to think of the shift from the AEON closed (which I have) to the AEON 2 closed as moving from the Dogs to the Prime (which I also have) in the way the mids are opened up. Better imaging, more space around vocals and instruments and not as narrow.
    2. The pads are deeper than the original pads at 1" or 2.5 or 2.6cm (just measured them). You might lose like 1mm or so with the additional tuning pads but marginal.
    3. The AEON 2 is not very warm, it is more balanced with more lower mids fill than the original and not as bright up top.
    4. The specs are similar to the original AEON and I found that it could scale very well with a good amp so you can expect the same from the AEON 2. However, DAPs are much better than 2017 and the AEON 2 performs very well with the likes of the PAW Gold Touch with up to 0.5mW output power for example.

    Hope this helps :)
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  2. Baten
    How about Prime vs Aeon2?? :)
  3. marcusd
    Hmm, I think the AEON 2 is deeper but the Prime had this really lovely lower-mids fill and sounded fairly balanced, more open mids than the Dogs. The AEON 2 reminds me of that similar progression.

    I think a few suggested the Dogs had the better bass well maybe the AEON 2 has the better bass now but with the more dynamic Prime midrange.

    Caveat - aural memory above from 2 weeks ago as I am not sitting in front of them right now.
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  4. HFPG
    Thank you. This was really helpful.
  5. EricDH
    Only, the DragonFly Red won't have an output of 500 mW; just over half of that I guess.
  6. Wes S
    I am still rockin my Primes, but I think this Aeon 2C, is going to be the one to replace them. We shall see. . .
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  7. marcusd
    Indeed, its how long is a piece of string type of approach. The more power the better but where do you draw the line on good enough?
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  8. Wes S
    Nice bro! I look forward to hearing your impressions!
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  9. EricDH
    I don't know. And I think it is partly a personal preference issue. I don't mind if the headphone sounds better with my Jotunheim, but with the DragonFly it should not completely disappear. Of course with more power one would expect it to sound fuller, with more authority, and more punch in the bass. But I should still listen to an Aeon 2 with the DragonFly. If it is more like an Apple iPod (exaggerating now, but you understand what I mean), then I pass.
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  10. marcusd
    Perfectly valid points. I would have shied away from DAPs 2 years ago but even a $399 HiBy R5 with 0.5mW of output power might just do a lot better this time around. Still, I have it hooked up to around 1mW desktop with a toroidal power supply so my string is very long at times.
  11. flarex3
    Despite the popular belief, I think AFC's bass is fine but mid and highs are distorted. Vocals sound recessed, crescendo vocal moments sound bad.
    I listened to the Aeon 2 for two hours and the sound is significantly warmer. Everything is more laid back. Male vocals are more emphasized than female vocals. Highs are rolled off. I am not a fan of the new tonality but I guess some people may like it
    I think the sound of the Aeon 2 can be obtained by just EQ'ing the AFC. I couldn't find a significant improvement such as the claimed "more soundstage and better dynamics"
    I only know the closed versions, don't know anything about the open ones.
    I wouldn't buy AFC or Aeon 2 Closed.
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  12. EricDH
    That might plea for buying a DAP in combination with the Aeon 2. But then there is another thing I have to look at.

    I listen to music through Qobuz. With my iPhone, I can stream directly, but I can also download the music files to my phone. I don't have to buy the music, I guess Qobuz sees this as "delayed streaming" or so. And of course I can't copy the files to another medium. That suits me perfectly well. I download the files when I am connected to wifi, so I have 16/44. And I listen whilst on the way. But with a DAP this principle doesn't work I guess. So I will have to buy all music, even the music I just want to try out. Or does it still work the same way, and is it seen as "delayed streaming"?
  13. jsmiller58
    Not sure why you think this. I have an R6 Pro and download for off line listening Qobuz and Tidal tracks all the time. I have a couple of thousand tracks downloaded from those streaming services on my R6 Pro DAP.
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  14. EricDH
    That is good news!! I just thought it would be different with downloading to different devices, but I had no particular reason to think so.
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  15. bcowen
    The question of the day, to be sure. I just ordered the 2's yesterday so haven't heard them yet, but I've been enjoying the original AFC's for over a year now. I started with a Schiit Vali 2 which puts out a little over 1.3 watts into the (very) low impedance load of the AFC's. I then moved up to the Lyr 3 which puts out over 9 watts into the Aeons. Now there are obviously big differences in these two amps beyond just the power output, but with the Lyr 3 the AFC's really opened up and went from "nice" to awesome, and I think that big jump in power output had a lot to do with it. I'm not suggesting either Aeon version *needs* 9 watts to sound good, but mo' power is definitely mo' better in this case. The 2's are certainly more portable than the originals, but that shouldn't be confused to suggest that some cheap, underpowered little portable amp is going to do them any sort of justice. Garbage in, garbage out....as in all things audio.

    (I have a Dragonfly Black. Been sitting in a drawer ever since I bought it. Yuck. Just yuck. My opinion only, obviously).
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