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"The Lab"

  1. nmatheis Contributor
    Just checked. I got 8.5" in my front yard overnight,she is still coming down :dizzy_face:

  2. Cinder
    And I though the Inland Empire had it bad with our rain. Dang,
  3. drbluenewmexico
  4. drbluenewmexico
    Hisoundfi and Cinder like this.
  5. x RELIC x Contributor

    Just pack up and move to the Arctic where it's 30°F warmer than normal even though there is no sunshine there right now.

  6. peter123

    Sounds like Norway :wink: Can't remember a winter in my lifetime with less snow and cold than this one.....
  7. H20Fidelity Contributor
    This is 15 minutes walk from our house.
    Manly Beach.
    I used to live right it in the center of Manly (not the ocean itself). Sadly, I don't take much advantage of it these days.
    I could probably live somewhere more isolated and be just as content.
    With summer brings girls wearing much less clothing, I guess that's nice. [​IMG] 
  8. Light - Man
    ^^^ I just looked out my back door this morning - and what did I see? [​IMG]
    giphy.gif   [​IMG]
    Absolutely no snow - but now I want to become a train driver. [​IMG]
  9. Mr Trev
    Latest episode from the Canada Post gong-show…
    Ordered a card reader from Amazon. Apparently, the Posties decided it'd be a good idea to soak the box in vinegar before they delivered it
  10. Podster

    If you pickle your readers the files come out squeaky clean[​IMG]
  11. peter123
    The bit Opus #1 a number 1 [​IMG]
  12. doctorjazz
  13. Podster

    Super review Peter, after reading this and the LZ A4 review one might only ever need that as a top notch portable rig[​IMG]
  14. Mr Trev
    Always good to see some competition for the ChAPs (Chinese Audio Players - what'd you think, could it catch on?)
    Won't be on my shopping list (I do hate touchscreens), but seems like another quality device.
  15. peter123
    Thanks, it's indeed a challenge to hang around here. Way too much good stuff.....

    Thanks Tim! You're in for a treat :)

    You my friend need a Walnut, no screen :wink:

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