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"The Lab"

  1. Hisoundfi Contributor

    Noted and edited :)
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  2. golov17
    yep :wink:[​IMG]
  3. nmatheis Contributor
    Here's yet another lo-fi vid of me rambling about audio gear. This time I go over some gear I've got in the queue for early 2017, give an update on Aune M1s firmware development, and unbox Shanling UP and iBasso PB3.

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  4. thatonenoob
    ladies and gents....420.  Significant milestone reached. 420 Bla------- it.
  5. originalsnuffy

    Starts humming Dylan. Everybody must get ....
  6. Podster

    I was just surprised they were not NOS or better yet CCA's! "To Mullard or not to Mullard", that is the question (for me that's wallet first then conscience)[​IMG]
  7. thatonenoob
    too late why is the music disappeariiiiinnnnnnnnn
  8. ngoshawk
  9. ngoshawk
  10. B9Scrambler
    Here's a good option for the treble averse; Blue Ever Blue Model 1001.

    DSC00289.jpg       DSC00297.jpg       DSC00315.jpg

  11. tikue666
    Coming soon from Ostry! have you guys seen it? know anything about it?
    It sure looks beautiful though...
  12. Cinder
    Ooh, interesting.
  13. HiFiChris Contributor

    What's inside those shells? DDs? BAs? Both?
  14. B9Scrambler
    Whatever's in there is wrapped in some serious eye candy. Mmmmmm
  15. jant71
    We heard more about the KC09 in December..."KC 09 is a 10 mm dynamic earphone. The work now becomes completely ear type, re-cable became possible with MMCX.
    The sound was more refined than KC 06, and the expression of resolution and sound field was clearly improved. The metallic feeling of the cymbal etc is getting better. The presence of the low range also does not diminish, it feels like it can be used in a wide range of genres.
    Because KC 09 already has a cable, it is thought that a package called "only without cable" is being invented, so it fell a head that I thought about user's convenience. The price seems to appear in around 20 to 30 thousand yen (depending on the type of enclosed cable)."

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