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"The Lab"

  1. mochill
    Shozy zero
  2. Mr Trev

    Since the Havi is the only one I got in that price range, I'll go with the B3
  3. B9Scrambler
    Havi B3 Pro 1 is a strong contender for sure. They do a lot right and very little wrong, unless you are looking for prominent bass.
    This one might seem a little out in left field, but I'm going to toss the Sony AS800AP into the ring. Let me break down why, because I'm considering more than just sound quality; IPX7 meaning they're waterproof, lots of fitment options (with/without fins, cable up, cable down), great build and accessory quality, excellent tangle-free cable, fantastic strain relief, and finally, a programmable inline single-button remote. As another plus, the inline mic/remote takes the place of a strain relief effectively cutting out two potential failure spots that would exist if the mic was moved up along one of the cables and placed by your mouth.
    On top of all that they are very receptive to equalization so you can tweak the signature quite easily and significantly. I know many of you are opposed to equalization, but being receptive to it is a hallmark of a good driver imo. If you're only going to have one earphone it's good to know that it can perform a variety of roles, and perform them well. When you combine the above with great sound quality and a signature that is flexible across a variety of styles of music, I think they make a strong case. 
    Flaws? They look like an egg and they're fairly large. Stock it may be too bassy for some, though I find the bass nicely balanced with the rest of the signature and quite complimentary.
    So yeah, those are my votes but if you have to choose only one I'd go with the AS800AP. It is immeasurably more versatile than the B3. I'm sure many of those excellent Chinese hybrids will be voted in. Unfortunately I was a trashcan and skipped them all, haha.
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  4. RedJohn456
    LZ A2S and Havi B3 Pro 1. Shozy Zero need not apply :wink:
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  5. audio123

    add in ostry kc06/kc06a [​IMG]
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  6. Hisoundfi Contributor
    I'm thinking Fidue A65
  7. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Actually nevermind, the A65 is cheaper than this.
  8. mochill
    SHOZY ZERO!!!!!!!!!:frowning:
  9. Hisoundfi Contributor
    I say LZ-A2S
  10. mochill
    Sound preferences does play a role too:sweat_smile::innocent:
  11. Podster

    In general or that we own:laughing:
  12. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Either or friend
  13. robervaul
    Hey Vince. You should try some Musicmaker products too.
  14. Podster

    I own in order:
    1. Havi B3 Pro1
    2. Audeo PFE012
    3. Trinity Techne

    Could Join the Team:thumbsup:

    1. TK11
    2. FiiO EX1
    3. Mee M6 Pro
    4. LZ A2s
    5. PMV A-01
    6. Shozy Zero
    7. TFZ Series 3
    8. Rose Aurora Dynamic Custom

    Shozy and EX1 I've heard but all may in up in the buggy:open_mouth:

    For $50 to me nothing is better sounding than my B3 (So far)
  15. audio123

    but the b3 pro 1 is hard to drive imo [​IMG] 

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