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"The Lab"

  1. HiFiChris Contributor
  2. Mr Trev
    Hey all. Anyone have any experience trying to get smoky smell out of your gear (say bought something from a smoker). Supposedly the air quality back home was a 38 on a scale of 10 (suck it, Spinal Tap[​IMG]) and I imagine my gear is going to be a tad nasty whenever I can get back. My earpads should be able to be washed (ok to wash pleather?), just wondering about the internals of my headphones/iems. Hoping that since mostly everything is in their cases or tucked away in drawers it might not be that bad, but I should prepare for the worst.
  3. Podster

    Other than just wiping stuff down and time I'm not really sure what else you can do to electronics, at least you still have something to return to and wipe down! Hope everything is OK Mr. T[​IMG]
  4. Mr Trev

    As far as my P1 amps go, hosing em down with contact cleaner should do the trick. Not sure if its a good idea to be spraying that stuff on drivers n such tho…
  5. bolmeteus
    Pretty eh? :wink:
    EasyEarsCustom-2-2.jpg EasyEarsCustom-4.jpg
    EasyEarsCustom-3.jpg EasyEarsCustom-15.jpg
  6. Podster

    I actually like the black ones, those are the 8 and 10MM DD's for like $18 right?
  7. bolmeteus
    Good eyes Podster! Easy Ears custom for 16$ :D
    They looked so pretty and I thought why not? 
    SQ is a bit of hit and miss tbh
  8. SerenaxD
    So how's the SQ? Maybe I'll pick some up for birthday presents if they're good enough! 
  9. bolmeteus
    Well, SQ is inconsistent. Boomy bass, not muddy but packs a lot of air. Mids are warmish, which shines in some tracks but sounds distant in others. Treble rolls off quite a bit. 
    But the sound is smooth, used it for long periods without fatigue. Stock silicone tips are okay, but are a little stiff, ear canals hurt after I took it out. Replaced it with some wide bore silicone tips to get a bit more comfort. 
    Can't complain, 16$. Detachable cables, looks so nice that I actually spent my whole evening photographing it.
  10. audio123
    so its a track dependent iem. Which genre is it good at
  11. HiFiChris Contributor
    Oh yes, pretty indeed! [​IMG]
    I love colourful and semi-translucent stuff as well.
    IMG_1227.jpg   Pai.jpg   d1e39b1d_P1020884.jpg IMG_0210.jpg   IMG_20150915_194147_edit.jpg   P1020896.jpg   P1020886.jpg   P1020883.jpg   eb97cc63_IMG_20150928_192217_edit2.jpg
    eb97cc63_IMG_20150928_192217_edit2.jpg   IMG_20150915_194029.jpg   IMG_20150915_193919.jpg   IMG_20150706_221235.jpg   IMG_20150815_113032_edit1_edit.jpg   P1020531.jpg
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  12. bolmeteus
    So far, sludge rock sounds soo good (baroness fan here). Classical instrumentals are also nice. Rock in general sounds mushy. But then again on some particular tracks it shines :s

    Pedal drums do have a thump to them, i found this interesting
  13. bolmeteus

    Impressive photos, translucency is love!
    That iem on top of the dac amp stack, what is it?
    I can see the kz ate, impressions please?
  14. HiFiChris Contributor
    The orange IEM is a Pai Audio MR2.  [​IMG] 
    The ATE is a very solid in-ear for its respective price point. However, i have heard of three different ATE signatures so far: v-shaped, excessively bassy and last but not least thick, lush and dark.
    Mine is of the latter sort. The soundstage is relatively nice (not the most precise though) and vocals are warm plus thick but not overly warm/coloured yet. However, while the bass isn't the slowest, it sounds somewhat blunt and lacks some control and details. Treble takes a step back and is smooth, without any peaks or steep dips. If I had to review it, I'd say very solid 4 out of 5 stars for the price.
  15. bolmeteus
    [​IMG] NICE!
    Amazing how many(good if not great) sub 30$ chinese IEMs have appeared in the past few years.
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