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"The Lab"

  1. RedJohn456
    Ah I had hoped that the newer iPhones had upped their music game, but this does not appear to be the case.... gonna be interesting to see what sounds good when my upgrade times comes [​IMG] 
    Yes, the Havi is still the king in terms of bang for buck in my opinion :)  Part of me def wonders if I had just stopped there and gotten a good amp for it and called it quits. A shame that Havi hasn't released a successor! I am thinking of buying a new pair since the filters for both my earpieces are MIA and now the tonal balance sounds a bit off :frowning2:  
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  2. RedJohn456

    After you set up an iTunes account, you can download whichever music player you wish. Using the Onkyo as an example, you have to use iTunes to naviaged to the apps section in the iPhone window on iTunes. There you can select apps that will allow you to directly load files into said apps. For example I can load MKV encoded video files that way to VLC or FLAC files to onkyo for example, or even neutron. 
    It sucks but you gotta deal with iTunes one way or another lol. But its drag and drop in terms of adding lossless files. iPhone also natively reads wav and ALAC so there is that :)
  3. Mr Trev

    Indeed. I tried using the plugins for Foobar and Musicbee with the iclassic, and it just wasn't reliable. Finally got fed up and Rockboxed the thing.
  4. Podster

    I'm with you on that, I've read of late of some who have had wear issues with the B3's so I want a new pair in a box just in case mine ever give up the ghost!
  5. HiFiChris Contributor
    I bought an iPhone 4 when there were still a few units floating around new and never opened, with factory-sealed package, just for music playback. This should already express that I value its music playback qualities - a clean, neutral and uncoloured audio output is what it's got.
    Wondering how the SE measures though...
  6. Mr Trev
    Broke down, got an Apple acct. and d/l'd the Foobar2000 music app. Initial impressions are… it's not too bad.
  7. WNBC
    My first iPhone was the 4S and now I'm using the 6+.  After reading the last page of this thread I figured I'd hear for myself whether or not there was a difference.  I have not been reading about the tech differences between the two so I consider myself tad less biased and if anything I'm more likely to praise the newer model.  After all, things should be getting better with each model :)
    Quick test.  On the 4S and 6+: Onkyo app, flat EQ, no upsampling, single FLAC file (Avishai Cohen's Toledo, probably not the best testing file for being critical, but I was in the mood for the song). I listened to the same track on each phone five times.  I volume matched as best I could by ear, but definitely not perfect.  Using the ASG2.5 I could hear why I might prefer the 4S headphone output.  It was in fact less warm than the 6+.  This is benefit to the ASG2.5 which is pretty warm.  Because of the more neutral 4S the top-end seemed crisper and had more sparkle.  Overall, the 4S presentation would appear more clean and open-sounding.  I can also imagine with an IEM like my past Heir Audio 4Ai, the 6+ might provide an enjoyable playback by countering the sibilant and dry presentation of that IEM.  
    In the end, I use my IEMs only at work which can be noisy.  I'm not going for pure sonic bliss at work and I'm listening to a lot of podcasts so the 6+ will continue to get the bulk of the workload.  Also to be fair, the 6 is not terrible.  The 4 has an edge when using the ASG2.5.   When I have more time I will try the 4 with the Grados.  Also, my iPhone 4 has only 16GB which makes it hard to serve as a workhorse for playback and I'm not on board with Tidal streaming yet.  However, I had planned on giving the 4 to the kids one day when they are ready to learn about phone tech.  Now I think I may need to hold onto this one for myself.  Also, mine still holds battery charge pretty well while my wife's iPhone 5 has the battery charge capacity of static shock.        
  8. audio123
    what is the best codec for converting to flac?
  9. Hisoundfi Contributor
    1MORE Triple Driver, enjoy!
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  10. boblauer
    @Mr Trev You can rent an ozone machine and leave all your gear in a small room/closet up with that running to mitigate some of the smell. If you have any specific questions hit me up, the wifey has been in the fire and flood restoration business for over 30 years and I'll ask her any specific things you want. 
  11. RedJohn456
    i wonder how well the newest iPod touch measures up against the 6, audio wise.
  12. Podster

    My two 4th Gen Touch's eat my iPhone 6 up.:thumbsup:
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  13. twister6 Contributor
    Though I tried hard to keep my household apple-free, I had to cave in because of my 11 year old since all her friends use apple txt messaging.  Now she has ipod touch 6th gen, along with sandisk sports clip and xduoo x3.  She uses ipod touch for everything except listening to music.  I only had a few minutes with it, trying to compare the sound between sandisk sport clip (all stock) and touch 6th gen, and to be honest ipod touch kills the low end by rolling off the sub-bass and reducing mid-bass punch; bass performance was softer.  Maybe it was one particular song (she had Fifth Harmony "work from home' on the loop) or the pair of rx18 in ear she was using, but under those conditions Clip sounded actually better, and i don't believe she had EQ or anything else enabled in her ipod touch.  Kind of strange...
  14. Podster

    And that is how it happens Mr. Cool Counters:smile: My work always supplied me with a top Droid Razor until 2012 when I accepted a promotion and department change they took away their phone since I just got my own phone money:flushed: Funny how that works:smirk:

    Anyway back to the whole Apple/iTunes thing, Long story short family was already addicted to and using those annoying iThings:pensive: Fortunately my first was a 4 and still far as I can tell one of the best Apple music player/apps:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But rebel That I am I won't join their cloud:laughing: They can't make me buy single songs for a buck when I can do better for less:beers:

    Pod getting off track again:wink: If you are looking at iDevices I think both model 4's have the best audii playback (Touch & iPhone). I think I personally still like the form factor of the iPhone 4 of any iDevice I've ever seen or :stuck_out_tongue: held.

    Note: all of the above statements are just one old mans ears:musical_note: And ramblings✌:tone2:

    :grin:Cheers gentlemen:notes:
  15. Mr Trev

    Ozone machine? I wouldn't need to worry about poisoning myself. I'm hoping - and some anecdotal evidence proves true - that the smoke damage may not really be that bad. Nothing in my neighbourhood actually burnt, and I made sure that the windows were tightly closed before I fled. The city has had some horrible air quality for a few days - apparently unable to even support life without a respirator mask, so not really sure what I'm going find when I get back. Probably the fridge contents are the biggest worry

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