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"The Lab"

  1. Podster

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  2. Light - Man
    Guys, by unpopular demand I have just started a new Popular Classical Music thread.
    It will be interesting to see how unsuccessful it will be??? [​IMG][​IMG] 
    Wokei's latest review is up.

  3. audio123

    what dap is that!
  4. Podster

    Aune M2/B1 combo[​IMG]
  5. audio123

    almost couldnt recognise bc of that colour!  [​IMG]
  6. Mr Trev
    I'm sure you've mentioned it before, but hows that combo treating you?
  7. Podster

    Very nice, M2 does not have the screen of some DAPs but does sound nice and the B1 is a powerhouse[​IMG] 
  8. Podster

    Man that is like the limited edition color[​IMG]
  9. Mr Trev
    I've been given and old iPhone4 for communication purposes during this evac. For kicks, I decided to load up some music. My enthusiasm for a touch screen DAP is rapidly waning - and dear god, I hate iTunes (not to mention the screaming matches with the Sync in my vehicle).
  10. HiFiChris Contributor
    Because of the iPhone's sound or for the personal dislike of touchscreen operation as well as navigation?
  11. Mr Trev
    The whole touchscreen interface in general. How can anybody stand browsing the web on these things?
    However, has anybody tried out the Foobar mobile player yet?
  12. Podster

    I hate iTunes as well Mr. T and Apple even more however having 2 X iTouch's, a Shuffle, U2 30GB Classic, iPhone 4 and I use an iPhone 6 I deal with the PITA it is[​IMG] They are not that bad but for sure music awareness was not the first priority in iPhones!
    This little setup with my old 4 sounds pretty good actually[​IMG]
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  13. RedJohn456

    Damn I didnt realize you were in the path of the fire, prayers and best wishes for yourself and the family Trevor. Hope everyone is okay.
    Funny thing is, the iPhone 4 is one of the best sounding iPhones in the entire line up as it measured the most neutral and flat. Load up some music on neutron or onkyo and hear it for yourself :wink:
  14. Podster

    I agree Tamal, my 4 sounds as good as my classic but my 6 is just so-so[​IMG] You know I owe you and Wokei for the Havi's, one of my first purchases almost 4 years ago now[​IMG] Can't imagine how rich I would be if I has just stopped at those[​IMG] 
    I will say my best setup with my Havi is the classic on my C421, match made in heaven and still one of my most musical rigs[​IMG]
  15. Mr Trev
    Been thinking bout trying out some of the other music apps, but I'm kinda loathe to set up an account with Apple.
    With these 3rd party music apps, how do you deal with transfering Flac anyways? From what I remember iTunes wont even acknowledge those files

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