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The iBasso D12, dual dacs . images . new Sysconcept optical cable . . Topkit by HiFlight. .

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamato8, Aug 19, 2010.
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  1. Armaegis
    Do you feel you want more gain or is it something else?
    I have a D10 and it didn't really push them loudly enough for me to achieve decent headroom.
  2. Kremer930
    K701's require a lot of current in my opinion so even if they are low impedance they still need good levels of power. Perhaps it is an excuse to try a PB2!
  3. Chris J
    Since the Q701's have an impedance of 60 ohms I would guess that the D12 is running out of current.
    A higher authority (Top Flight) advised me to try using LMH6643 from the Op Amp rolling kit, this Op Amp can output up to 75 milliAmps.
    In addition it has a very low output impedance.
    I'll try the LMH6643 Op Amps out when I get some free time and report back..............
  4. Chris J
    I pulled all the op amps out and replaced the buffers with dummy buffers.
    First I tried using the LMH6643 in the centre L/R . Waddaya know, D12 has no problem driving my Q701s, good tight punchy bass with an open middle and treble.
    Then I replaced the LMH6643 with an AD8532, a bit noisier which was fixed by reducing gain to +3 dB and turning the volume up a bit. So far I'm still trying to figure what the difference is, but the AD8532 does something to the midrange.
    My theory is that the Q701s need a lot of current (both the op amps I swapped in can supply a fair amount of current into the load).
    More later.
  5. HiFlight


    If you need still more output current from your D12, you might also try the AD8397 in L/R.   As it has built-in buffers, it is best to use it with the bypass (dummy) buffers.   IMO, it does a better job in the L/R position than the AD8532 considering overall tonal balance.   SQ is similar to that of the LMH6643 but with more muscle.  
  6. Chris J
    Hi Topflight,
    I prefer the LMH6643 sound, but what I am really looking for is more clarity and transparency.
    I very rarely turn the volume past 12 o'clock.
    regards, Chris
  7. HiFlight

    LT1678 will do that.  Quite detailed and transparent.
  8. Chris J


    Unfortunately they don't source/sink a lot of current, can you recommend a good buffer? Any idea what buffer is shipped with the D12?
  9. HiFlight


    If you seldom go above the 12:00 position with your volume control, I think the LT1678 would still work well with bypassed buffers and give you the SQ that you are looking for.  I can tell very little difference between it and other L/R opamps with buffers as far as driving ability.  I really like the sound of the LT1678 and often use it as the optional opamp for several Topkits.   You might try it with the LMH6643 as buffers.   Should be a very good pairing. 
  10. markkr
    What would you guys recommend as a good starting point configuration for the following headphones
    Westone 3, Grado, ER4S
  11. Bronco628

    This was what I got from my HiFlight Topkit For my Grado 325is'.  I can put up the ones for my um3x if you like.  I just have to open my D12 up.
  12. SurfWax
    For the D12 and D4, do you bypass the DAC if you use a LOD from an iPhone?
  13. Armaegis
    Using the LOD from the iphone uses the phone's DAC, which then passes the analog signal into the D4/D12 for amplification. The dac in the D4/D12 is not used; you can only use it via usb/optical/coax.
  14. SurfWax
    Oh I didn't know that, thank you. I always thought the LOD also bypassed the internal DAC.
  15. Chris J


    I've tried using the LOD on my iPod to D12 Aux In............I wasn't too impressed, I thought the bass was too loose.
    I normally use a Wadia 170i with my iPod, I use the digital output on the Wadia to the D12 spdif.
    Unfrotunately I can't walk down the street with it, but it's nice for sitting outside on my deck. LOL
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