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The iBasso D12, dual dacs . images . new Sysconcept optical cable . . Topkit by HiFlight. .

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamato8, Aug 19, 2010.
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  1. raymondu999
    How does the D12 stack against the older D10? Any comparative reviews? I love using my D10 right now, and wondering if it was worth an upgrade to the D12. Cheers!
  2. HiFlight

    I look at the D12 as more of an evolution of the excellent D10 rather than as a replacement.   It is certainly easier to gain access to the inside for opamp rolling and having opamp sockets for both dual and single channel opamps is a step forward for those who like to experiment with different opamps.  
    The dual DAC's is also a step forward, but whether one can actually hear audible differences is something else.   Both D10 and  D12 amplifier sections have a superb SQ given the appropriate choice of opamps.   Opamp choices on both are somewhat limited by the 5v power supply.    
    With my selection of headphones for portable use, I am very pleased with the performance of both units.  That said, however, since I frequently use my amps for opamp testing, the ease rolling opamps in the D12 is a very significant consideration for me. 

  3. raymondu999
    So not really *much* difference in audio but more in terms of op-amp rolling practicality? I'm not much of an op-amp roller, I've fried my share of hard disk drives in the past and so I'm rather scared of that.
  4. zn7726


    If you don't need any digital inputs other than USB to use the DAC, i think D6 is a better choice, with a more powerful AMP, 12v battery and $10 saving.
    I'm interested to know if the default SQ of D6 is better than D12 (with default op-amp of course) and, maybe D4?
  5. HiFlight


    I think that regarding the SQ of the D6 vs D12, it likely becomes a matter of personal preferences, as both are superb performers.  The D6 will have slightly more headroom given the higher supply voltage.
  6. mrarroyo Contributor
    Hi Ron, would love to listen to the D12 someday. As you know I have the original Toucan and Boomslang, is the D12 in SE an improvement? Thanks.
  7. HiFlight


    I am a bit confused, as the D12 is only SE.  Did you mean the PB1 in SE vs balanced?  IMO, the original balanced Toucan and Boomslang is an improvement over the D12, but given phones that are within the capability of the D12 to drive effectively, the D12 sounds better than the using the SE output of the PB1/DB1.
  8. wolfen68 Contributor
    IMO, the D12 is significantly better than the PB-1 in single ended. 
  9. sashaw
    Just received 2 opa637bp today. Changed from old combination (ada4841-2 + ad8532) to opa637bp + stock buffer. First impression is the sound become so warm and a larger sound stage, and I also need to turn the volume up to 11 to 12 clock for my RE0, which was usually around 9 to 10. The sound is great for female vocal. I can easily hear some background noise. At the moment I am testing out the battery time. It is 4 hours from fully charged, still going.
  10. HiFlight


    There are a couple of caveats that you should consider when using the OPA637 in the D12;  Supply voltage is specified as +/- 4.5 to 18v.  This equates to a minimum single-ended supply voltage of 9-36vdc.  While the 637 may or may not operate at the D12 supply voltage of 4.2v, it is doubtful that it will meet published specifications as shown in the datasheet.   Also, the OPA637 is stable only at gains above 5, so you might avoid the use of low gain on your D12 with the 637's installed. 
    Instability at gains below 5 can result in oscillation which may or may not be audible.  Some indications of oscillation above the audio frequencies are short battery run time and heat.  The opamps should not be noticeably warm or hot to the touch.  The D12 case for sure should not be warm. 
  11. sashaw
    I have had it running for about 20 hours with high gain. I listen to it every once a while. So far, haven't notice any heating or sound problem. 
  12. sashaw
    report back, after 24 hours, now the sound is terrible. Huge background noise. Sound becomes so muddy and veiled. Guess this is a sign that the opamps don't have enough power flow into them.
  13. Kremer930
    After buying my JH16 I decided to try the jazz opamp combo from the HiFlight kit.  Wow.  Talk about added detail.  The bass is still there too.  I am not sure what opamps they are but they certainly sound great.
  14. Bronco628
    I am a new owner of a HiFlight kit, He selected a set of L/R opamps for my UM3X, and a dual channel (modified) for my 325is.  Makes for a nice sound on both!
  15. Chris J
    Just received a D12 yesterday afternoon.............I ordered it Saturday! remarkably fast delivery, I live just outside of Toronto Canada.
    Sorry to butt in here, just throwing in my 2 cents...........I'm using AKG Q701's & this amp really can't drive 'em properly.
    I'm using the line out into a Matrix M Stage which I think is a nice combo
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