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The HiBy R3; The New "Little Brother" to the R6!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. fzsrv
    Anyone have any recommendations for an armband or a case with a clip. I use this while exercising and walking and hate having it bounce around in my pocket. Thanks!
  2. alwass89
  3. weexisttocease
    Ok. I've seen an image of the upcoming R5 and it looks smaller than the R6/R6 Pro, curved body like the M9, Android 8.1, 3.5/4.4mm output, DAC CS43198 and rumoured retail price under 400€!?
    Last edited: May 20, 2019
  4. weexisttocease
  5. Judge Buff
    My new R3 should be here in two days...

    The decision maker for me was the synergy between a specific group of components while I was reviewing a set of IEMs for Yinyoo. I was using the 2.5 balanced and listening to a group of my favorite flac files when I experienced several, semi-emotional “wow” moments.

    Soundstage and audio articulation and instrument positioning and the myriad other factors that combine to create those random, “OMG this is beautiful music” moments are worth pursuing. If the unit hadn’t developed a screen glitch, I wouldn’t have returned it. But my new one is coming... can’t be soon enough, though. All things being equal electronically, the experiences should be reproducible. Hopefully.

    Besides, this one is that cool red color...
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  6. capnjack
    I find that the r3 performs best when fed better quality files ie hi-res flac etc and particularly like it paired with R1Zenith and DM6. Otherwise it’s purely used as my source for my Mojo.
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  7. Squonk12
    I run mine into a micro iDSD Black Label with EXCELLENT results.
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  8. Judge Buff
    Well, now I don’t feel so indulgent about the $50 cable for my vendor donated ZS7s...
  9. Squonk12
    As long as I learn something, I don't consider it over indulgent. Especially if I have a return policy.
  10. Nolbert0
    It's there any chance mseb could be added to USB out?

    Also does ReplayGain work with usb out?

    I'm fact, what are all the functions bypassed when audio output from usb?

    I ask this cos my coax cable to Mojo is failing and USB cable is MUCH cheaper and far easier to acquire
  11. surfgeorge
    When using a USB-C to micro-USB cable (Shanling L2 or FIIO CL06) the volume control of the R3 does not affect the digital signal - it does not work.
    IMO this is good, since it means that the digital signal processor of the R3 is bypassed and the bit-perfect data is streamed to the Mojo.
    You can still activate the MSEB or EQ on the R3 and it will change the digital signal, but I can clearly hear a loss in sound quality when the R3 is altering the original digital data.

    The Auto-Off function does not work with the USB cable.

    Sound of the USB cable is more "open" while the coax cable sounds a bit smoother.
    I suspect that this is a difference between the inputs on the Mojo side, but I am not sure.
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  12. MVVp
    I ordered a Senfer DT6 iem and connected it using the 2.5 balanced MMCX cable that came with Fiio FH1. The sound is amazing for 19 euro earphones.

    The fit is slightly less comfortable for falling asleep than my Hiby Seeds, which were my favorites until recently, but I think I prefer the sound of the Senfer. It's very clear and precise, with great sound stage.
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  13. Squonk12
    I completely agree with you on MSEB or EQ.

    Can't say I agree on USB vs. COAX. However, there could be a difference but I just can't hear it. I'm gettin old ya know?
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  14. surfgeorge
    I completely agree with you on MSEB or EQ.

    Can't say I agree on USB vs. COAX. However, there could be a difference but I just can't hear it. I'm gettin old ya know?[/QUOTE]

    There was a time I thought FW updates eliminated the difference between USB and Coax, but then I heard it again.
    But it’s not that easy to hear. Coax is nice for it’s mechanical robustness, Micro USB is really a bit fragile.
  15. paruchuribros
    I do use R3 with Mojo Chord and Fiio micro USB to USB C cable. No issues. I do hear a big difference in sound quality compared to USB C. USB 3 connection is superior.

    Last edited: May 29, 2019
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