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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. SteveOliver
    The key points are already shown in English on the pictures in the link, it looks like an interesting little device, I may upgrade, who knows.
  2. Double C
    My R3 reboots every time I attempt DLNA on any of my devices...
  3. Hifi-Junkie
    Same here....
  4. Double C
    It's a bummer, especially when navigating Tidal/Qobuz is a bit tricky on the actual device. Would be killer if this worked. I have an Activo CT10 where this type of dlna connection works really well.
  5. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Firmware version?
  6. Double C
  7. Dana Reed
    After looking through the posts here, it seems there are a lot of issues with people trying to use 3.x firmwares for various things/stability. If I'm on 1.15 and don't care about using the R3 for Tidal/Qobuz, just playing off the SD card, is there any reason for me to upgrade?
    My only issue with the device as is, is the somewhat laggy UI when navigating the music library. I'd be interested if there were any improvement on that front, but don't really want to deal with it if not.
  8. zepmaj
    I'm using 3.3, only offline from SD card as you are. I dont experience any serious lags or bugs, its smooth enough. I dont know anything about 1.15 though, i can't compare.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2019
    Dana Reed likes this.
  9. ChuckWagon
    When I purchased the R3, the current firmware version was 3.2. Like you, I also have no interest in Tidal/Qobuz and use this strictly for access to the SD card.
    I've tried the 3.3 firmware and also downgraded to all available versions (in effort to find the best version)

    I am a big fan of Snoopy112's firmware modifications. With his firmware, we are not limited to 20,000 songs. This was actually the deciding factor for me and the reason I made a purchase I couldn't find a "Snoopy 112" version for firmware 1.15, but noticed that he had a firmware version for 2.1

    In addition to unlocking the 20.000 song limit, I also like the User interface layout better.
    I'm currently using with no problems firmware version 2.1 (the Snoopy 112 version) .

    The only lagging is a one second album-artwork delay (I have about 22,000 songs) This occurs with every firmware version that I've tried, but believe that 2.1 seems to handle this best.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2019
  10. poprivet
    I'm also on standard 3.3, & only use files I've bought or ripped myself (mostly FLAC), & have a 128GB card. I have no real issues apart from having to set the Bluetooth codec to SBC (which became a thing with the 3.x updates), which is what it should have been anyway. Nowhere near 20,000 files on there, & unlikely to get there going by the space I've got left. I get *very* occasional reboots when altering the volume by button when a track 1st starts, but not spotted a pattern to that as of yet as it's pretty rare.
  11. mikp
    setting bt to sbc came from fw 3.2, and is not normal. Probably an error when releasing uat.
  12. Khan SW
    Could just be me, but the pictures are not showing up, just IMG placeholders.
  13. Dana Reed
    Thanks all for the suggestions. I had been looking around for higher FW versions on the HiBy site, only to realize that OTA was the way to get the latest. So in any case I installed 3.3, and the UI seems a bit snappier than 1.15, and hopefully I won't run into too many bugs since I'm just using SD card storage and have only like 12000 tracks. I might try one of the Snoopy versions at some point, but mainly I was just looking for something to have a bit less lag whilst navigating the library. The artwork delay doesn't really both me...
  14. Hifi-Junkie
    I have the Hiby R3 and recently got good deal on a Fiio M6. Got to compare the two devices.

    I use both devices as transport. R3/M6> Shanling L2 cable > Chord Mojo >Sennh HD650 with dekoni full leather pads.

    1. The M6 seems to be a better match with the Mojo. The Mojo is at its best when fed a bit perfect signal. I can confirm it sound like the bit perfect output from USB Audio Player App from a Android phone. Which I was after. With the R3 I had to struggle with MSEB too much and still not get the neutral sound. With MSEB off it did not sound bit perfect even though Hiby confirmed it should.

    2. The R3 does the first MQA unfold and passes it on to the USB DAC output, which I like. I could not get the M6 to do this with the updated Tidal App. However MQA aside I like the regular 44.1 tracks (non MQA) with M6 Tidal app alot more compared to the R3. The R3 only seems to do bit perfect to me when playing MQA.

    Seems both are not the ideal player for me and both have their pros and cons unfortunately. I hope any software/firmware updates in the future will allow me to keep my definite setup.
  15. SteveOliver
    The R3 does bit-perfect, perfect :) , but only when the gain is set to high and the volume is set to 100. This is when using USB, I'm not sure I've ever had the R3 outputting bit-perfect when using the USB to coax wire though.
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