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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO expected late October.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. reeza
    It was just for you @FridgeMagnet :wink:

    ...also, it’s a bloody great album too; so thanks again.
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  2. FridgeMagnet
    Well Thx Mate, always good to be appreciated:wink::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

    & You’re Damn Right about that, It’s AClassic.!

    & Again, You’re Welcome, Love spreading the Gospel of GR8 Music.!

    So how’s your new toy, ongoing impressions, + or -?
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  3. gemmoglock
    Thanks @greenkiwi. The last I read, I only saw that it is dangerous to run a unbalanced 3.5mm to balanced 2.5mm adaptor (hence they don't exist), as that will cause a short because of different grounding. Could you share a little more why 2.5 unbalanced to 3.5mm balanced is problematic?

    @fanoble @Joe Bloggs I noticed an unsigned ASIO USB DAC Windows driver for the Chinese R3. Any chance you can get the driver signed so we can install it easily on Windows without disabling driver enforcement?

    Thank you!
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2018
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  4. sfigueroab
    As I posted earlier, I am still having problems to conect anything via bluetooth, I know it is not my phone's fault, already tried on 2 other phones during the week.
    I am suspecting my unit is faulty. Is it supposed to be more information and options in this configuration page ?


  5. iranonfr
    At least, I know how many it will cost.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2018
  6. milesjunkie
    Interested if anyone else has had these issues.

    1. Update OTA firmware to 1.09 and get “checksum error”

    2. Format sd card or try new card, a rescan does not delete previous library. For example I can format a card 5 times (slow or fast), and actually see that it is empty. Do a rescan on the R3 and low and behold it is completely populated with the previous music files. Magic.

    Is there a hard reset on this apart from restore factory settings? Power button plus bottom right button maybe?
  7. greenkiwi
    Likely me mis-remembering. It's OK to go balanced connection on headphone to unbalanced adapter into unbalanced amp output.

    I think that I'd mis-read your original statement that if you an adapter you could used the balanced output to get decent volume.
  8. gemmoglock
    No worries, the different specs get me mixed up sometime. I won't be getting a 2.5unbalanced to 3.5 balanced adaptor anytime soon but will be sure to double confirm when I get one :)
  9. gemmoglock
    I see a Xiaomi if I recall correctly :wink: Have you updated your R3 firmware? Yes, you should see more options on the R3 bluetooth page.

    1) I eventually managed to update after a few times rescanning device, and rebooting the R3 after each failure and eventually the checksum error disappeared. Took me about 5 tries I think. If not, Joe/fanoble posted a mirror link which you can load on your microSD card to install/

    2) Hmm that's unusual. If I were you I'll just reformat using the computer and factory reset the R3, and not bother about the database till when loading up new files and scanning for those.
  10. fanoble
    We highly appreciate your support and patience. As we mentioned in the previous public reply, we used a shipping agency help to ship all the orders. Once we sent all the products to the shipping agency, they helped to create the DHL label (Tracking number) for each order. And once they finished all the labels, they sent the products to DHL's Hong Kong office. But the shipping agency made a wrong shipping battery sticker for a few orders so that DHL had to return those shipments to them. They are now fixing the issue, and will provide the new tracking # to you soon. We genuinely apologize for bringing you the inconvenience.
  11. poprivet
    Are people finding the gapless option works for them? Switched it on (it's off by default!) & I'm getting noticable gaps a fair amount of the time. Files I've cut up myself admittedly, but I take care (Sector Boundaries, etc., not that that should matter) & never had trouble on my previous player (running Rockbox).
  12. mykupyku
    I think HiBy is trying to solve problems with shipping.
    thank You for fast response. good luck with fast shipping :)
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  13. reeza
    Not sure about it, I have been listening heaps and reserving my judgement; but since you asked so nicely...

    ...So far the R3 is a beautiful little device; the size, weight and screen is great. The UI is nice, better then the stand alone HiBy app while being similar, however hopefully they continue to improve the UI. As for the sounds, i'm still not convinced. I think the AP200 is a better in that department unfortunately, however everything else about the R3 craps on the AP200.

    P.s I also love how it's NOT an Android device. If HiBy made a high end version (say two high end DACs and better AMP) and no Android, I'd be sold. Or maybe I'll just pair the R3 with a Mojo or similar?

    So bottom line. Great overall device, but audio quality could be better.
  14. milesjunkie
    Thanks for taking the time to respond.

    The rescanning issue “seems” to be resolving. I found a fast format of the card didn’t necessarily work. It also seems files transferred from a Mac are temperamental in showing up in a scan, windows seems more stable in playing with the R3. But all in all a more high maintenance installation than the R6 for me.

    Do you by chance have that mirror site handy? I think I missed that post.

    Thanks again.
  15. capnjack
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