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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. Coq de Combat
    Greetings from Sweden

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  2. DigitalFreak

    I have the paradox and the alpha dogs. Can't say what the slant sounds like except what I've read
  3. warrenpchi Administrator
    Everything needs more Kat Dennings.
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  4. billybob_jcv

    Yeah, but I felt like the only reason she was in the movie was because the rest of the cast (except for Loki) sounded like androids. I kept expecting Natalie Portman to suddenly short-circuit and fall over like the Droid Army in the Battle of Naboo.
  5. jgray91
    And there's something how Odin-guy acts that ticked me off. Maybe it's that perpetual lopsided half smirk he always had.
  6. Coq de Combat
    I took these photos with the iPhone. I'd say that it's a pretty good cameraphone.

  7. Mimouille
    Really nice pictures. The colors are great.
  8. vwinter
    Really nice pictures actually. There is something really interesting happening there...

    Also, do you really have an Artichoke Lamp?
  9. gelocks
    So... did you ever post a comparison between these?
    (don't remember if I read it...)
    I didn't know who the heck she was but after seeing that piece of crap movie, I can definitely agree with you... very cute.
    You mean, SIR Hannibal?!?!
    (Anthony Hopkins will always be Dr. Lecter, doesn't matter what character he is playing)
  10. Coq de Combat
    Thank you my friend.
    No, almost every picture is taken at my workplace. So, the lamp belongs to them. As for that interesting part, well, I guess it's subjective. To be honest, those pictures were taken in an attempt to calm my anxiety over lunch time, and it became more a case of "just snap them and move on" rather than anthing else. That being said, I do like taking photos.
  11. Achmedisdead
    That takes very nice pictures. And it seems that you know what scenes will make a good picture also.....a skill or ability that I do not have. Every time I see something that I think would make a great shot, it never turns out like I thought it would. Fortunately, it is not how I make my meager living.....lol.
  12. DigitalFreak
    I'm working on a comparison video for my YouTube channel. It should be up for viewing in another 2 or 3 weeks or so. If you don't mind me spoiling it for you
    There's no clear winner. They both sound fantastic in their own way
  13. warrenpchi Administrator
    I found her particularly Katty in The 40-Year Old Virgin and Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist.
  14. james444 Contributor
  15. uncola
    Bah, that's not ghetto fi.  The Aune T1 is pretty anodized aluminum and out shoots the magni IMO.  Ghetto fi usually involves an altoids tin :p

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