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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. DigitalFreak
    I'm no techie but a friend of mine was having troubles with USB 3 on his Mac and he solved it with a good USB hub. I don't know, you're a part of Cymbacavum. Maybe THIS might solve your problems? Tom seems to really be impressed by it. Try asking Coq De Combat, he's a techie who could probably recommend a fix to try.
  2. spkrs01
    It is just a pain to keep adding bits to make things work, when it should be/ advertised as plug and play.
    I originally bought the Pro 11 as a transportable set up, to use with either the AK120 or the Bladelius USB dac. The Bladelius did not even get recognized when installing the drivers, and Jimmy at A&K confirmed that USB 3 was not compatible with the AK120. 
  3. lee730
    Strangely I never had such issues on my Alienware Aurora ALX. But I still do use a USB 3 hub for other devices. But it works fine with my AK120....
  4. DigitalFreak
    Agreed, I think simpler and less bits in the chain is better but he's stuck. What else ca he do besides add a bit such a USB hub in order to bypass the USB3 issue
  5. Magick Man

    My Zodiac Gold is attached to my computer via USB 3.
  6. DigitalFreak

    Speaking of which, you've had it awhile now, is your Zodiac setup everything you had hoped for? If so why not write up an official review? I'm sure enough people would love to hear your thoughts on the subject

    Final impressions are up on YT and there will be a Audio360 and Cymbacavum articles published in the near future concerning my final thoughts. For those who have bothered to keep track you have probably already guessed my final impressions aren't very good.

  7. Magick Man

    I did, several months ago. :wink:

  8. DigitalFreak

    Coliees, thanks for the link, I'm off to do some reading
  9. drez
    THat's pretty interesting, I never knew this.  I think at one point I was using AudioGD's Digital Interface v1 which used adaptive isochronous transfer, I think I may have used it with USB3 but probably not Intel USB3 chip.
    I think it is probably isolated to isochronous transfer protocol, and maybe even just the Intel USB3 controller/drivers.  
    If i ever end up getting a hifi rack I might need to get one of those Adnaco SB3's so I can attach my keyboard and mouse without grief.
  10. jgray91
    I hate stretching my budget just because a once-flagship model is now kind of cheaper since the successor model is coming into the local market. Because I will look for any and every reason to justify spending more...

    So many kind-of maybe affordable used E-M5 kits... so many justification and rationalisation needed...
  11. Magick Man
    So, it appears that some audio interface implementations have issues with USB 3.0 and others don't, and a USB 3.0 hub oftentimes seems to help if you are having issues? For those on PCs running win 7 or 8 (I run a Hackintosh and dual boot between Mac OS and Win 7), updating the USB-chipset driver can also fix the problem, I found that out with the Zodiac Gold.

    It is funny, and shows how stubborn I am, that I kept trying to make the 3.0 port work rather than just plugging the Zodiac into a 2.0 port, instead. :rolleyes: Don Quixote has nothing on me, apparently.
  12. a_recording
    So I exchanged my new iMac for a new one, and I still get the glitches. There is some mysterious issue with these new computers and at least some USB DACs. (John from JDSLabs also informed me that they had been noticing some issues). This is a bit frustrating because the glitches are transient spikes which give me headaches. Won't be using my desktop setup for headphone listening for a while *sigh*
  13. Coq de Combat
    I'm sorry a_recording, I have no idea why that is happening. My initial gut feeling is that it's a software/firmware/driver glitch of some sort but my guess is probably as good as yours.
  14. drez
    You've probably already done this (and I'm not sure if it actually makes a difference with Mac) but have you turned off wifi while listening?  I'm sorry to hear that it's giving you grief anyway.
  15. bixby
    re:  Mac USB 3.0 ports
    Just tested my 2013 i5 Mac mini with HRT Microstreamer and all seems well with itunes and web streams.  Even 24/96 seemed okay.
    I'll follow on with some other usb dacs soon.

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