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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. a_recording
    You sure? I find that you have to plug the thing in pretty hard to get it to sit right. I thought there was an issue with mine until I realised it was only halfway in.
  2. ardgedee
  3. DigitalFreak
    Ghetto-Fi for the win
  4. Coq de Combat
    I've decided to buy some sort of espresso/nespresso machine at home. Now I have a Mocha-thingie to put on the stove, and a regular coffee maker, and while both are okay, I very much prefer espresso (or even nespresso) over both of them. This Mocha thing tastes okay, but is way too much hassle for me in the morning before work, and regular coffee, is okay in the morning but I'm tired of it.
    I've been looking at automatic espresso machines, but the problem is that they require a lot of care, are expensive, and should they -- god forbid -- break, they are expensive to get fixed. Also, it seems as coffee enthusiasts themselves are saying that it's hard to get good espresso from a automatic maker. This is where those capsule machines come in - they seem to heat very fast, they're reliant and the results are consistent. What really wins me over towards a capsule machine is the convenience. I'm really lazy in the morning, annd grinding your own beans and stuff - a beautiful image, but probably ain't gonna happen in real life.
    I've especially been looking at a Nespresso Gran Maestria:
    Cup warmer, milk-foamer and obviously the (n)espresso machine.
  5. tomscy2000
    I use a Moka pot at home. It is more work, but I use that time to clear my head.
    Nespresso machines are beautiful, though.
  6. tjcaustin
    My roommate has had one of the more basic Nespesso machines for a little over a year now.  It works great and there are a huge range of flavors available.  I think the only thing that will get him out of it is when his fiancee decides she wants to pull coffees at home and gets him to get a full espresso machine.
  7. Coq de Combat
    Yeah, I find it a little restful when I do it as well, especially when doing it in the afternoon/evening after work. However, in the morning I just want to press a button and get my coffee. Preferrably delivered by some robot. It would be nice if that robot had an iPhone dock, so I could talk to it like I talk to Siri.
    We could call it ... iRobot ...
  8. Coq de Combat
    Yeah, that range of different flavors is really appealing to me. Also, from what I've seen (at least here in Sweden) there are "boutiques" that makes third party (nespresso) capsules with their own grinded coffee and flavoring as well.
  9. veyrongatti
    Ohh Yeah Thanks![​IMG]
  10. 5aces
    I use the stand alone Nespresso Aeroccino 3 milk frother. A worthy addition for coffee afficiandos.

  11. shotgunshane Contributor
    This new all in one that roasts, grinds and brews sounds interesting.
  12. Coq de Combat
    Interesting. The Gran Maestria has a similar included, but it's the Aeroccino 4. Personally I like a good cappuccino better than an espresso, so a good milk frother is a must for me.
    It does, and it looks beautiful there. 
  13. C.C.S.
    So, in an attempt to get a more neutral headphone than the Mad Dog 3.2, I ordered a Paradox Slant yesterday. I should have them in a few weeks, according to Luis. Has anybody in here listened to them, and if so, what did you think?
  14. shotgunshane Contributor

    A little birdie told me you might enjoy these nespresso machines:


  15. Coq de Combat
    That little bird of yours is absolutely correct. After having researched this more, it boils down to that last one you linked, a latissima or the gran maestria. The gran maestria is all metal which I do like, but also unfortunately the biggest and most expensive of the bunch. The one you linked and the latissima are not all metal, but much better sized for our kitchen (and also, fortunately half the price of the maestria). Money isn't really an issue though, since all three of them are within my budget for an (n)espresso machine, and this will be partly supported by everyone else (it's my birfday in 2-3 weeks). However, if the maestria can't really offer much more than a metal body over the others, I'm not sure it'd be worth double the price. It has more manual controls though, but on the other hand, it'd be convenient just pressing one button and let the machine do the work for you (like with the latissima).

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