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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. shotgunshane Contributor

    Thanks for bringing that up. She just got some crazy lifeproof case. I have no idea how hard it is to remove and put back on.
  2. jgray91
    Just got back from watching Thor: Dark World. Loki must have a sore back for all the carrying he did for that movie. Provided though that one buttmonkey character is kind of funny, but otherwise I think the movie is kind of dry.
  3. tomscy2000
    The movie needed more Kat Dennings and more bird chasing from the ice puppy from Odenheim
  4. jgray91

    Oh yeah, that too.
  5. Coq de Combat
    No problems at all. I use a case too and it's enough of a hassle to prevent me from bringing the olloclip everywhere I go. Having that said, I do bring it everywhere I go where I feel I could find use for it. When going to work, olloclip stays at home. When going to a coffee or a dinner, it comes with me for those funnier shots otherwise impossiblr with the iPhone.
  6. billybob_jcv
    The Marvel movies need less Marvel Marketing and more Marvel Comics.
  7. veyrongatti
    My UE6000 arrived today..... ANNNNND It has a hardware problem already........ The female jack where the cable goes in doesnt hold the cable in.......
    Sounds great in passive mode though...... 
  8. lee730
    Pretty much my entire library it centered around media monkey. Well mainly my "on the go" music. Everything is set up via playlists and I have those playlists reflect the very same name in the folders the files are placed in. Basically I'll have a name of a playlists\ "Iron Maiden" and a folder with the same name and the same files placed into it for organization purposes (basically when I want to add songs as I go it makes it much more organized I feel). For Artists where I had more than 1 album in it's entirety I'll list the artists name followed by the album title "Ozzy - Bark At the Moon" The playlist and folder will reflect that as well. That way I access my music via folder view or better yet playlists (iRiver I'm talking about you lol). When I want to add music I'd generally just sync to the device and it's all automated. But I generally just add a bit here and there so I do that manually and just update the playlists in my archive.
  9. Coq de Combat
    Ahh, right. But doesn't itunes import playlists as well, or does it have some Apple's own proprietary playlist files?
  10. lee730
    Does apple work with FLAC? :).
  11. DigitalFreak

    No but you can download an app from the online store and sync your FLAC files with that :p (waits for the no 24 bit support comment to be posted)
  12. lee730
    How did you know? :wink:.
  13. DigitalFreak

    I know u to well and I've spent far to much time on mobile sites not to see it coming lol
  14. lee730
    Good thing I'm not limited to using my mobile device as my main source for audio. Would be a sad day indeed. [​IMG]
  15. DigitalFreak

    Truth be known I rarely ever use my iPhone for music. At only 16GB's I'd barely have enough room for playlists never mind full albums and apps

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