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  1. rantng
    I read the question wrong, but anyone lucky enough to snag a set at the sale price got a good deal as I think the average going price for a used set on the sale listings is around $850.
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  2. imackler
  3. ksorota
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  4. gemNeye
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  5. rantng
    I managed to get the last Kanas Pro. Just received it yesterday and I've already scheduled a return. There's an issue with the right side driver, volume is much lower. That's the second time I've had an issue like this from Blinq. Luckily they have a good return policy.
  6. PlantsmanTX
    Is Massdrop sending returns off to Blinq and other outfits without determining that they're fully functional?
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  7. antdroid
    It seems like it.

    I ordered a defective Focal Elex from them once. Though another user got one and it was fine.
    My friend just got a ZDT Jr from them that had humming issue.
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  8. Slater
    Most companies do that.

    There’s loads of resellers that post videos on YouTube. They buy entire bulk truckloads full of skids of Amazon returns (and Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, etc). Some of it works, some doesn’t, some of it is perfect, some smashed beyond recognition, and much of it can’t be tested at all.

    They try to sell what they can, in hopes of making a profit. Most usually do.
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  9. elwappo99
    Blinq is selling items that were rejected by consumers.

    Will has stated on here that Massdrop does not sell to blinq but they sure seem to end up with a LOT of massdrop stuff


    I've had 3 purchases from blinq. 2 of the units had issues that I resolved and 1 order they totally botched. I purchased a THX AAA 789 amplifier from them (since their price was based on MSRP) and the unit literally still had this attached to the top. Excellent testing! I've happily paid a bit extra from a decent person on head-fi than blinq.

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  10. rantng
    I'd never heard about the assumed Massdrop/blinq association. I just assumed this was a blinq issue.
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  11. gemNeye
    That is unfortunate. Thankfully they have a good return policy, otherwise I'd just stop posting BLINQ deals here. It's a bit of a crapshoot with open box/used items these days. One would think BLINQ would have a system in place to inspect these items before reselling them. Their return policy is good enough to take that risk sometimes.
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  12. imackler
    It's been weird too, if anyone has followed, seeing the number of Massdrop Plus on Ebay. In a sense, these are deals, going between $160-$200. But what is weird is how they are going through different sellers. Seems to me Massdrop must liquidate b-stock (returns, blemishes, etc.) to a number of different sellers, including blinq.
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  13. Slater
    If they were smart they’d just have an open box/refurbished page where they could sell them direct (at a discount), instead of dumping them off to a liquidator for pennies on the dollar and then denying it (assuming it’s indeed true).
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2019
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  14. zimumahi
    Massdrop is so smart because products sell on bling is under the open box/refurbished quality. I've ordered the Cardas clear light from Bling: super fast customer support, but the info they gave me was incorrect. Finally, I receipt a cable dead on the left side.
  15. PlantsmanTX
    Yes, I've seen some of those videos.

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