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  1. Slater
    Ha, tell me about it.

    I paid $199 for the Samsung 256GB microSD for my DAP when they were 1st released a few years ago. Now they’re like $30, and the 512GB Samsung are <$130.

    Like you said; such is the order of things, especially for early adopters.
    Last edited: May 15, 2019
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  2. Zachik
    Not much love here... :wink:
    Personally, I think the Clear are the best Focal open back (yes, I think they're better sounding than Utopia). But, Elear with Clear (or Massdrop's Elex) pads is a winner! (assuming you find them not to be uncomfy)
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  3. talan7
    Elear with Clear or Elex pads are awesome. Just as good as Clear.
  4. LCMusicLover
    Amusingly, I have a set of Elex pads sitting in my Utopia box. I'll definitely get an Elear on the $250 BF sale -- seems like a no-brainer.
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  5. zimumahi
    Hi, I'm a newcomer. This is my very first post.
    RHA CL2 Planar In-Ear Headphones 30% off - Amazon
    Price: $636.19
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  6. PlantsmanTX
    Welcome :beerchug:
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  7. Lurk650
    Welcome to HeadFi...sorry about your wallet.
  8. barondla
    Welcome to HeadFi. Are you more into full size headphoes or IEMs/ear buds?
  9. zimumahi
    Sadly AND, not OR. My core skull mates are hd800s with RME ADI-2 DAC & Airist audio Heron 5 at home; Onkyo granbeat dp-ctx1 with akg n5005 on the move.
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  10. Arkady Duntov
    It's marked down from the price, $900.00, charged from about April 15 through March 22.

    However, the price from September, 2018, through April 14 was $590.58.
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  11. Lurk650
    N5005. Nice choice. Love mine.
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  12. alexzogh
  13. jsmiller58
    Such amazing prices... But the Westone IEMs are somewhat dated now aren't they, somewhat being passed by? Thoughts?
  14. laotsu
    All that matters is how they sound (and is the sound worth the price).
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  15. jsmiller58
    Yes, thank you, that is right on point!

    I will rephrase and be more specific... How do the Westone 60 sound compared to other $500 IEMs (at the W60 sale price)? I have the W30s that I use occasionally, but have moved on to other brands so I don't know much about the higher priced Westones. I have the Fearless Audio S8F, for example (also about same price as the W60 on sale). How would the W60 compare? Upgrade, side grade, down grade?
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