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  1. phthora
  2. phthora
  3. gemNeye
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  4. crimbo912
  5. OldDude04
    The Massdrop x THX AAA 789 amp drop is live again in case anyone was interested in one. I posted it in the deal thread because people have been selling them at $800 plus on ebay, so I figured getting one at $400 was a "deal", lol.
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  6. TJ Max
    SOLD OUT as of 5/30 2:44 PM PST
  7. Ggroch
    If you need Brainwavz Oval Pads this is a good price...and with luck could be an exceptional price.

    I am not normally a fan of mystery boxes...but not much mystery here if you need oval pads. For $10 plus $5 shipping (to U.S.) you get their choice of Oval PU or Velour pads. $15 is best or near best lightning deal price. Plus...if you need more than 1 pair the shipping stays the same...so 3 Pair for $35.
    If you get 1 pair there is a 20% chance you will get sheepskin or a bundle with pads, hanger, and hard case. So, buy 3 pair you have a 60% chance of getting one of these. Two luckies will get HM5 headphones.
    Last edited: May 31, 2019
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  8. leeperry
    You'll most likely get them in purple or yellow, obviously they wanna get rid of stinkers lol
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  9. kenchar
    Sony NW-ZX300A at JoyBuy.

    $349 Black or $369 Silver.

    A version with 32GB of memory.

    Go to joybuy.com and search for NW-ZX300. Not sure why the link isn't working from here.

    I have purchased this from them in the past and it worked out well. Just had to wait for it to arrive.
    Last edited: May 31, 2019
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  10. Lurk650
    Not really a deal. That's the normal price for the A version and has been on that site for ages lol
  11. kenchar
    I am pretty sure they were $379 to $385 since Decenber. $349 is a decent deal in my opinion. If you have seen it currently available for less...other than the $289 11.11 sale please let me know.
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  12. kenchar
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  13. Lurk650
    Actually yeah, $349 is slightly lower. Usually is about $380. You are right.
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  14. alexzogh
    Once again, Adorama has great pricing on the
    HiFiMan HE5se Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones -
    $299 (retail $699.00, but can be found for $400-$450 ) + Free S&H

    https://www.adorama.com/hmhe5se.html?sdtid=13071685&emailprice=t - need to go through this link which has the "emailprice=t' since this is a mailing list price only.

    I auditioned these a while ago. There are much better headphones out there for $699, but a steal at $299.
  15. showme99
    That's a great price! So, how do these compare to the HE-560?
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