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  1. talan7
    I don’t think they are competitive anymore, especially at the $500 mark. There are too many Chinese and other new models that are much more competitive, at cheaper prices. They are good iems though.
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  2. pstickne
    Westone were the first IEMs to catch my re-entry eye - and the new
    model change up and marketing (“V2”) really confused me.

    As a result I ended up with a different brand entirely (and a lighter wallet). I imagine the discount links are for the outgoing models which are a ~2012 refresh?
  3. Passenger11
    ALO Audio Warehouse deals.
    Open box CA Atlas for $799.
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  4. Terco
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  5. gugman
  6. Arkady Duntov
    Thanks. The 200GB model is listed as "Deal of the Day", if that means anything.
  7. Zachik
    That means it is sold by amazon.
    Also means - definitely NOT fake... :wink:
  8. rantng
    According to my Amazon history I paid $99.99 plus tax for the 400GB in September.
  9. gugman
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  10. gugman
    yeap, this is definitely good price (60.28$)
  11. gugman
    Last edited: May 28, 2019
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  12. Ken G
    What was the price? It shows there is still stock at $119.
  13. gugman
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  14. Ken G
    Thanks for the information. I clicked back on your previous link and the price was back to $95 and I purchased it.
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  15. gugman
    Now that you mentioned it I went back to it and I also have been able to purchase it for 95$ , with just In stock on June 1, 2019 exception, which is totally fine

    So thanks for sharing the info :wink:
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