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  1. sudheerts
    Any Deals for Chord Mojo
  2. heliosphann
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  3. CoFire
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  4. phthora
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  5. Slater
    I find it odd that store has 3 products total, and a 0.0% rating.

    I know it says BGVP Official Store, but a seller can name a store anything they want as long as the exact name isn’t currently taken.
  6. BananaOoyoo
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  7. OldDude04
    Too true, I didn't look at that as I skimmed through there. Good catch.
  8. Otto Motor
    Nein danke!
  9. Slater
    I will also add that during 11.11 there was some discrepancies about who was “authorized” to sell BGVP. The issue was not only warranty but pricing and also the speed at which the “unauthorized” seller(s) would get the new stock. Since BGVP was so far behind on manufacturing, they said the authorized dealers would get their orders 1st as manufacturing caught up.

    Again, I don’t know if that linked seller is authorized or not. But anyone who is considering buying may want to do a bit of research 1st. The posts pertaining to what I am talking about should be easy to locate as it was just a few weeks ago.
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  10. Otto Motor
  11. nereus
    And the store opened on the 12th November 2018.
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  12. nraymond
    They have the Dekoni Blue (a custom T50RP by Dekoni) for $50 off, which makes it $200... how does it compare to the T60RP?

  13. phthora
    iBasso has the AMP 5 module for $129 down from $199 and the CB13 balanced cable for $129 down from $199:
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  14. Ggroch
    Zeos Pantera just posted a 16 minute manic stream of best audio/speaker/headphone deals for this weekend online.

    I found it very enlightening, a lot of things I did not know about and I follow audio sales closely. If you hate Z-Reviews, no argument, don't follow the LINK.

    For me I found more ways to spend money. Specifically....the iLoud Micro Monitors normally $300...now $200 (and backordered) through Amazon....but $160 shipped no tax on Rakuten...So, I think there are some great leads in this youtube video..but rather than click his links,,,do some google 1st to see if there are stackable promos. You do not have to love Zeos totally subjective but enthusiastic product reviews to save some money.

    Another Rakuten deal: the JBL 305mkII powered monitors after coupon: $144 a pair shipped.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2018
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  15. baiyy1986

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