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  1. Lurk650
    Hiby selling for same price on Amazon and their delivery is on Saturday instead of Sunday :D
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  2. Terco
    Only the black on amazon for $149, Musicteck has 3 color options and is a small business :wink:

    Also as I said before for $178 you can get the R3 and the case that look super nice!
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  3. Terco
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  4. thebkt
    Headfoneshop in Toronto - Black Friday deals.

    Prices in CAD

    Astell&Kern KANN - $999 (1 left / reg. $1299)
    Astell&Kern JH Audio Layla II - $2499 (1 left / reg. $3749)
    Astell&Kern JH Audio Roxanne II - $1999 (1 left / reg. $2499)
    Astell&Kern JH Audio Rosie - $949 (1 left / reg. $1249)
    ADL H128 Headphones - $299 (2 left / reg. $499)
    Chord Hugo (silver) - $1699 (1 left / reg. $2895)
    Naim DAC-V1 - $1995 (reg. $2595 / 1 left)
    Naim NAP-100 - $1295 (reg. $1795 / 1 left)
    Innuos Zen Mini MKii 2TB - $1499 (reg. $1699 / 1 left)

    Focal Elear - $899 (reg. $1199)
    Focal Elegia - $959 (reg. $1199)
    Focal Clear - $1449 (reg. $1899)
    Focal Utopia - $3999 (reg. $4999)

    Empire Ears EP and X Series (No Tax)
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  5. CoFire
    I found this interesting... or at least informative. Not knocking the R3, just good info for end users.

    It brings you cloud music service via Tidal, Bluetooth 4.1 and apt-X, does not have any internal storage, but it comes with a mircro-SD card slot for expandable storage, support up to 2TB. If you want to stream other apps from your smartphone, you can take advantage of R3 bi-directional Bluetooth where you can pair it up with your phone to use R3 as a wireless Bluetooth DAC, streaming Spotify, Tidal, and other apps from your phone. This player is not Android based, it has it's own software. Their more expensive player R6 is Android based.

    A great DAP for in the go, but without a line out, not quite checking all the boxes for me.

    Anyone see any Lotoo Paw 5000 MKII deals?
  6. Alcophone
    Burson Audio is having a 24 hour Black Friday sale: 20% off all of their products with code BLACK


    Edit: Ordering multiple things at once on their website is an atrocious experience, but I somehow managed to place an order and got free shipping, unlike partsconnexion.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2018
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  7. phthora
    For 11.11, it dropped to $320 on Aliexpress. Doesn't help you now, I know, but I would expect similar deals for Chinese New Year in a few months. You can also pick a vendor and ask them for a discount. That has worked very well for me more than a few times.
  8. Allanmarcus
    20% Rakuten site wide with code BF20
    Rakuten (formerly buy.com) has a wide variety of items.
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  9. FlacFan
    Flash Sale on Massdrop:
    BGVP DMG IEM for $99.99 ships 12/18 though...

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  10. Ken G
    I think it should be said that I’m (and I’m sure many others) are very Thankful that there is such a dedicated group of contributors that take time out of their busy days to post deals and discounts here.

    I can’t remember the last time I’ve paid retail price for quality Audio gear which is a testament to the great posters on this thread.

    Have a great Thanksgiving All!
  11. Terco
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  12. phthora
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  13. phthora
    Between 15% and 30% off of customs through Alclair:

    I really regret that I missed out on buying the Curve when those were still available...
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  14. Cagin
    My kingdom for any BF deal on Hiby R6 Pro
  15. jbusuego

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