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  1. socks mk2
    Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal @ violectric usa (20% off and free s/h using code BLACK-20)

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal @ matrix audio usa (10% off using code BLACK-10)
  2. nutteerasit
    I'm looking for QP2R too, Do you have any deal info?
  3. Ggroch
    Chromecast Audio is now $15 down from $35 at Google Direct, Bestbuy, and probably others. Link to Google via Ebay because Free Shipping, and the possibility there will be coupon or bucks promos as the weekend progresses. I love these things and the optical out lets me utilize my DAC collection.

    Harmans (JBL, Harman, AKG, Infinity) Black Friday Promo is live. A lot of current not-exceptional JBL headphones at exceptional prices, none of the AKG flagships but the K240 Studio at $39 gives you another gold plated choice if you cannot justify the previously linked N90Qs. If you need bookshelf speakers the Infinity R series R152, R162, and RS152 rears are the lowest ever. Harman put a lot of engineering into that series...really excellent. Plus lowest prices on JBL portable and smart link speakers. (Xtreme v1 at $150 and the Links all 50% off for example)
  4. Raketen
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  5. Franklin
    Hiby r3 Black 149 right now on Musicteck's eBay store and Amazon.
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  6. OldDude04
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  7. gugman
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  8. Terco
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  9. Terco
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  10. heliosphann
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  11. Terco
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  12. heliosphann
  13. Carlsan
    The MusicTek sale has been mentioned above, but I wanted to point out this one pair of earphones, The Unique Melody ME,1 planars.
    They are a bit large and stick out of your ears, but unlike the Audeze iSine20 (which I also have and run balanced) fit much better, and have better sound, imho.
    I compared them quite positively to the RHA CL2's which are also planar's and getting quite a bit of hype.
    Anyway, they are on sale for $599, which is quite a good price for these.
    UM Universal ME.1 Planar magnetic Drivers IEM
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  14. kingdixon
    I received an email by earsonics, there black friday deals are on



    on check out page for s-em9, i tried both coupons -50% and -30%, they were applied together for a total of 80% from 1490 eur to 298 eur + shipping. ( don't know their current market price though, but seems interesting)

    also don't know if its a glitch or its normal, would it pass through ? but anyhow
  15. Allanmarcus
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