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  1. nereus
    Are you able to link to the JBL 305mkII on Rakuten? If I search I don't get the results I'm after.
  2. Ggroch
    LINK...you have to put in cart to see $90 ea price....then create an account to use the BF20 coupon.
  3. nereus
    Thanks Ggroch, it must be a US only thing. I get redirected the Rakuten Global where the items are different and not the same price.
  4. Terco
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  5. Terco
  6. socks mk2
    Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal @ euphony audio usa (10% off using code BLACK-10)
    Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal @ keces audio usa (10% off using code BLACK-10)
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  7. Raketen
    Jays are having their usual BF sale- unfortunately no Q-Jays deal this year. u-Jays are decent on-ears at 50% off price, though can't speak to the wireless model. https://www.jaysheadphones.com/products

    missed out on the Eikon's again!
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  8. BananaOoyoo
    Looks like Double Helix Cables has a 15% sitewide discount!

    (And 20% for PlusSound - though I think that one's been posted about already)
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  9. Terco
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  10. Alcophone
    Lavricables (pure silver interconnects, headphone cables, etc.) is having a Black Friday sale, looks like 10% off: http://www.lavricables.com/
  11. Casuist
  12. phthora
    Highlights include:
    BGVP DMG IEMs at $104.50, down from $139. Not the absolute lowest, but Penon is an outstanding vendor:

    HiFi BOY OS V3 IEMs on a rare sale, $143 down from $159. Only Penon sells them on AE, and they are not on sale there:

    KZ AS10 IEMs for $33, down from $60ish street price or $40ish on the AE sale. This is the lowest price I've ever seen for these.

    KZ ZS10 IEMs for $22.50, down from $44.50. Good price.

    LZ A5 IEMs for $202, down from $269. Around $220 to $209 (unknown vendor quality) on AE.

    Macaw GT600s IEMs for $69.90 down from $99. Same price at NiceHCK on AE. Both great prices for these great IEMs.

    Oppo PM2 planar magnetic headphones for $509.50, down from $849. These still exist?! Same price as refurbies on Amazon; new is $1,080 there. Couldn't find them anywhere else.

    There is a ton of things to choose from in the Penon sale, even if most of the sales are a relatively small percentage off. Obviously, these were just the things that stood out to me.
  13. OldDude04
  14. sparkyined
    Advanced MP3 Players in the UK have some cracking deals on audio tech for Black Friday

    15% off site wide using code 15BLACK

    £200 off the Astell & Kern AK70 using code 50AK70

    20% off the iBasso IT01 earphones using code IT01BF18

    Cowon PD with a free case, screen protector and 32GB SD card for £189 using code PDBF18

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  15. phthora
    ...and the deals thread suddenly grew quiet as Head-Fi'ers began their negotiations with spouses, parents, credit card companies, and consciences, as the case may be.
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