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The Audio Lounge

  1. Karendar
    What a buffoon... I'm fascinated whenever I see this guy interviewed.
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  2. mbwilson111
    It better stay.
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  3. Podster
    Hello boys & girls, Pod's not stopped by the lounge in a while but have been listening to one of my all time fave female singers and thought I'd share:grin: If Kate's voice does not move you I'll be surprised and suggest someone take your pulse:rolling_eyes: LOL

  4. groucho69
    Hey Pod, stay a while....
  5. Podster
    For some reason I’m not getting pinged on lounge post although I’m subbed! Headed out for Tuesday night racquetball right now but I’ll check in tomorrow. I’m having trouble holding on for the AliEx 11/11, carts already bulging:rolling_eyes:
  6. Whazzzup
  7. mbwilson111
    Try unsubscribing and resubscribing.

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  8. Podster
    Done, let's see how it goes! Been trying (actually force feeding him) to edumacate my 16 year old on just who these guys were:rolling_eyes:

  9. Martin Howell
    So my second hand Hidizs adapter turned up today (thanks eBay).

    I can see why people are mentioning flimsy feeling constructoin, the cable doesn't inspire confidence, has no weight to it at all. Thankfully I'm only planning on using it with iPad or Laptop, so fairly stationary during use which will help with long term durability.

    Very happy with the sound output though and drives my HD6XX easily (though I've never found them that difficult to drive), will try with some iems when I'm back home (don't have any with me at work at the moment) and am looking forward to comapring to the VE Oddyssey when it arrives on the Slow Boat from China.
  10. Podster
    So this being the Lounge with open subjects I'll expose a little bit about Pod and how much music matters in his life. Hoping I don't bore everyone too much here but I'm compelled to tell everyone music and specifically this man's music saved my life IMHO. Also keep in mind this is 50 years ago that my father passed away of bone cancer and the next year I lost my mother so my world was totally flipped on it's/my head when my little brother and I ended up in an Orphanage. If it had not been for music I may not have made it out alive or been able to cope with unsurmountable heartache and loss but the power of music once again in Pod's opinion is the most powerful form of expression there is. For those of you who still have your parents or had a full lifetime with them I'm truly envious but at the same time very happy for you. After 62 years on this spinning ball I've kind of formulated what I believe to be the two things that show you really love someone or just people in general and that is 1.) To feed someone to show them you want to nourish them so they will be around for more days and time to enjoy their company and 2.) is to give them music to put a song in their hearts, sooth their soul or just help them through life. So don't make this a sappy thing as with all the tragedy in my life I still feel so fortunate to be here, have three beautiful son's, a Grandson and a woman who puts up with me! So as not to drag this on any longer let's just listen to a song that always made me want and feel that one day I'd see my father again not to mention it helped me pick up my big boy pants at a young age:rolling_eyes: I will say it really annoys me that our paranoid government ran this man off as if he was EVER any kind of Terrorist:angry: I hope you enjoy:grin:

  11. boblauer
    Hey Pod glad to see you over here too!
  12. groucho69

  13. groucho69
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  14. groucho69
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  15. Podster
    THX Bob:beerchug: Hopefully I’ll get pings now that I’ve followed MB’s suggestion:wink:

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