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Talk me out of buying a WA2

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by stant, Sep 4, 2010.
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  1. StanT
    I grew up listening to vinyl on headphones. When the spouse decided to evict my (very nice, but butt ugly) disco era stereo from the house, I went in search of something that could recreate the sound I grew up with and take some of the digital harshness out of my cds. I ended up with a Woo Audio WA3+, Senn HD650s with Zu cables. I spent more money on NOS tubes, than on the WA3+, itself. I absolutely love the sound. Trouble is, the sound is so nice that I find myself wanting to connect more and more sources to it. I had Jack modify it for a second input and switch for my PC/DAC. Now my old turntable and huge vinyl collection is calling to me. Building a music server looks like it might be fun, as well.
    I love the sound of my WA3+, according to Jack the WA2 has the same signature only more refined. Can anyone confirm this? I have a small fortune in TS 7236 and 5998 tubes, as well as 6922 variants.Using the same tube compliment is very appealing, I know what I like.
    I've owned many sets of headphones. To each their own; but my preference always comes back to Sennheiser. There may be a set of HD800s in my future, but impedance matching shouldn't be an issue
    Something I'm missing? I can afford the difference in price (sell the WA3). Starting over on tube rolling would be a budget stretch.
  2. zenpunk
    Don't do it. I tried it and  it sounds rubbish. Get yourself a nice Little dot MKIII and spend the rest on your wife and kids. 
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  3. WilCox Contributor
    The WA2 is a wonderful amp (and preamp, as well)!  Even though I have several Stax systems, I enjoy my HD 800s, HD 650s and AKG 702s through the WA2 just as much, if not more so.  The WA2 gives life and body to the music unlike any amp I've heard.  While the Senns sound great with my Lehmann, Meier and Millett amps, the WA2 ultimately delivers a more involving musical experience.
    I suggest auditioning one, especially if you already enjoy your Woo WA3+.
  4. hodgjy
    Maybe instead of buying a whole new amp that has more source inputs, you just buy a hub.  Plug all your sources into the hub, and then the hub into the amp.  You'll save $950 or more.
  5. dannie01
    hodgjy is right or maybe you can try something better from Goldpoint and price is reasonable for it's quality.
  6. hodgjy
    [​IMG]  That is quite possibly the bestest and coolest hub I've ever seen.

  7. Uncle Erik Contributor

    You already enjoy the amp, so use a switchbox.  You might also consider a preamp with a tape loop out.  I picked up an old Conrad-Johnson PV2 a few years back for around $300.  It has multiple inputs, including an all-tube phonostage built in.  It also has two tape loops out, so you can connect two separate headphone amps and switch them in and out.  It also has a connection for a power amp, so it can be connected to speakers.
    In all, it lets me run two headphone amps, speakers, a turntable, a SACD player, DAC, and a radio tuner and switch around when I want.  I think something like that would suit you better than a new amp.
  8. zenpunk

    The OP is asking us to talk him out of buying  a WA2! how is your comment helping ???

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  9. StanT


    I hadn't thought about that. My disco era stereo includes a Citation 21 preamp. The headphone jack was seriously lacking with the Senns; but it was a very nice preamp.
    Free is good.
  10. WilCox Contributor


    [​IMG]  Just providing a fair and balanced opinion to counter your negative comments on the WA2.  If the OP is cool with his WA3+ and a switchbox, that's great -- listen and be happy!  Upgrade-itis is not mandatory at Head-Fi, but it sure seems to be contagious around these parts. [​IMG]
  11. Uncle Erik Contributor
    The HK Citation 21 is a good preamp. It looks to have plenty of connections, so I'd hook up your headphone amp to a tape loop on it and connect the rest of the sources. You should at least give that a try before buying anything else. Hook it up and see what you think.
  12. Henerenry
    The WA2 is a wonderful amp :)
    I'll never part ways with mine.
  13. kingtz
    Stupid question, but could those hubs or switchboxes alter or color the sound in anyway?
  14. hodgjy
    Potentially, but only if they are extremely low quality.  As long as a good electrical connection is made between the desired connections, and properly broken from the unused sources, it should be no problem.

  15. Uncle Erik Contributor
    The switchboxes are not a big deal. I used one from Radio Shack for awhile and it was fine.
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