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Consulting: Operations/Business Development - High Tech

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500+ Head-Fier, Male

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    Consulting: Operations/Business Development - High Tech
    Road-riding my Harley and trail-riding my Trek.
    Music (of course!), motorcycling, bicycling, photography, target shooting.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Audeze LCD-2.2 (with balanced Q cable) | OPPO PM-1 (balanced) | Sennheiser HD 800 (with Anaxilus mod & balanced Cardas cable), HD 650 (with balanced Cardas cable), HD 580 (balanced), Momentum 2.0 Wireless | Mr. Speakers Alpha Dog (balanced) | Koss ESP/950 | AKG K702 (with Cardas cable), K 271 | Bang & Olfusen BeoPlay H6 | Grado SR60 | Shure SE535, SE425, E4C, SRH840 | Etymotic ER-6 | Sony MDR-V6
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Audeze Deckard | Sennheiser HDVA-600 | Woo Audio 2 | Schiit Jotunheim | Leckerton UHA-6S.MKII | eXStata DIY Electrostatic Amp | Meier Audio Corda PreHead, Corda HA-2, Porta Corda III-USB | Millett Hybrid MAXed (2 ea), MiniMAX (2 ea)
    Source Inventory:
    Synology DS716+ 4TB NAS | AURALiC Aries Mini with LPS | Logitech Squeezebox Touch | Bel Canto e.One DAC3 | PS Audio Digital Link III | Apogee Mini-DAC | Mhdt Paradisea+, Constantine+ | Rega Planar 3, Ortofon X3-MC, PS Audio GCPH | Rotel RCD-991AE, RCD-975 | Eastern Electric MiniMax CDP | iPod Touch 6G 128 MB
    Cable Inventory:
    Cardas and Q Audio headphone cables | Blue Jeans Cable Interconnects & Speaker Cables | AudioQuest Viper Interconnects and Granite Bi-Wire Speaker Cables | Nordost Super Flatline Bi-Wire Speaker Cables | Apogee Wyde Eye Digital Cables
    Power-Related Components:
    PS Audio UPC-200 | Monster HTS-3500 MkII | Shunyata Venom Power Cords| PS Audio xStream Power Cords
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Bel Canto eVo 2i gen II | Audio Electronic Supply SE-1 | Audio Research/Dynaco ST-70-C3 | Class D Audio SDS-250C Power Amp | Scan-Speak Solist MTM | Selah Audio SA-1 | Seas Loki | PSB Stratus Mini | M&K MX-700 Sub | Behringer Ultracurve Pro DEQ2496 | Alesis MasterLink ML-9600 Master Disk Recorder
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Schiit Wyrd USB Interface | OPA627, Black Gate N, FRED, LC Audio LClock with Power Supply in Rotel CDPs | V-Caps in Mhdt DACs | Welborne Labs Squeezebox Power Supply
    Music Preferences:
    Blues, Classical & Jazz, but always exploring, always learning.
    Volquartsen Masters Ruger Mk II, Clark Custom Ruger Mk II.
    Music lover and audiophile.


    AURALiC Aries Mini with LPS -> Bel Canto e.One DAC3 -> Sennheiser HDVA 600 or Woo Audio WA2 -> HD 800 or HD 650
    AURALiC Aries Mini -> Audeze Deckard or Schiit Jotunheim -> Audeze LCD-2.2 or Oppo PM-1 or MrSpeakers Alpha Dog
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