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STAX SR-009S new flagship electrostatic earspeakers released (with impressions)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by padam, Apr 20, 2018.
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  1. lithiumnk
    It depends...i also agree to the fact that a good estat setup is very expensive ...
    I want to know the answers to my questions and then plan accordingly..
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  2. Whitigir
    Lovely question :)
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  3. Whitigir
    Still cheaper than some dynamic stuff out there my friend

    1/ you asked for the Best. KG-T2 then other variations from Kerry

    2/ not sure, but from KG T2, the 009 and 009S is distinctively different. The S is focused upon dynamic and imagines, the 009 is focused onto balances and details

    3/ yes, I tried R2R7...it doesnt matter, Resistor ladder still have some ways to go. Even those MSB and RockNa expensive stuff....yeah, the 009 and KG T2 reveals those negativities

    4/ 009 is king when you want natural, neutral, balances and finesses. Classical are excellent with gears that carry this signature. 009 and 009S are both universally good. But due to the differences and if u could have both. 009 us better for classical and ballads, countries stuff....009S is better for modern music EDM, Pop...etc... both are as good universally as one another, if you drive them out of a good system

    5/ cant answer this part...but 009 and 009S bottom ends are hard to beat if you drive them from a good system
  4. lithiumnk
    Thanks @Whitigir
    Other than KG T2... which amp pairing is the best...
    I have heard kgsshv with 009s and kgst with 009 have appropiate pairing.
    I have only tried 009/009s from woo audio wes 2nd gen with blumk2dave as the source... i wasn't convinced ... i expected a lot more...still not tried bhse or Kgsshv

    You have lks004 which has dual es9038pro.. how is the tonality and instrument timbre as compared to NOS R2R DACs..
  5. Sound Eq
    does it have to be only the expensive model to feel the difference between stax 007TII and those from Mjolinr audio, to be used with 007 mk2 or 009 s, so what bout those from mjolnir in the price range of 2000-3000 usd range, are those a big upgrade to stax 007tII. And what would such an upgrade provide in terms of sound . To be honest I am not planning to spend 5k or 6K usd on an amp for stax

    what bout just using an ifi iesl with my ifi ican pro, would that not be as good as some of the recommended mjolnir amps

    currently i have 007 mk2 with 007tii -- using chord hugo 2 as a dac-- i adore the sound

    planning to get the new 009s or if the rumours are true a bout a new omega that will come out

    also have 407 and 307 which are fine

    what other models are worthing adding to the collection besides L700 and L300 LE
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019
  6. chimney189
    Would a Stax SRM-1mk2 drive this headphone?
  7. HoloSpice
    No. It needs carb. :wink:
  8. JimL11
    If you cannot hear differences between amplifiers, then yes. If you can hear differences between amplifiers, an SRM-1 Mk2 will not drive this headphone to its potential.
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  9. koven Contributor
    As a previous owner of KGSSHV and BHSE, I think the HV (or KGST) is truly the sweet spot on price/performance. In retrospect the BHSE was not worth over double the cost of HV, it sounded marginally better to me, maybe 10% or so.
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  10. chimney189
    Has anyone compared the 009 to the 007 MKII?

    Any impressions would be appreciated. I can't decide between the 2.
    It will be driven by a SRM-1mk2.
  11. Sound Eq
    for me 009 was having peaks in the highs that with certain music was bit too much, but that was driven with stax 007tii amp, while the 007 mk2 is flawless for me, its just perfect
  12. chimney189
    Is there any dynamic or planar headphone that has a similar sound signature to the 007 mk2? I heard that it is a very dark headphone, which kind of worries me.
  13. Sound Eq
    yes 007 is dark but i like it alot, while the 009 is more transparent. the 009 sounds close to my hifiman 1000se but it has peaks that are at times too much but that was with the 007tii amp which i assume is a just ok amp , to my ears the hifiman 1000se sounds better bigger punchier than both, but again i never 009 with a carbon amp
  14. chimney189
    What would be a similar headphone to the 007 mk2?
  15. Sound Eq
    mx4 with dekoni pads but to be honest still they do not have the mx4 punch and dynamics as mx4 with dekoni pads, but i prefer 007 mk2 over my mx4 for its sound stage and effortless presentation of music. Ok let me tell u this if i listen to dead can dance --song of the stars, the 007 just draws you in to the music in a mezmerizing way, while with mx4 its that you like what you hear

    with leonardo cohen its spectacular, but with with infected mushrooms the mx4 you will leave you in awe

    do not fear with 007 that its too dark, the empyrean was dark to me, also 007 can have great bass
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