1. Rengaw

    STAX SR-009S (new flagship) Website showing $4600 price tag

    Price revealed on stax's site. Sorry if I'm late to this info. Hopefully we'll see a release date/sound reviews this weekend.. really curious about "improvements".
  2. Stax SR-009S Electrostatic Headphones

    Stax SR-009S Electrostatic Headphones

    This is the latest flagship from Stax, a further evolution from the SR-009 with new generation (MLER2) electrode membranes. First impressions are collected here: Type...
  3. padam

    STAX SR-009S new flagship electrostatic earspeakers released (with impressions)

    US retail price: 4600$ (estimated) Expected availability: July 2018 This top model of open-ended electrostatic headphones is a challenge for the most demanding audiophiles, requiring uncompromising sound reproduction quality across the 5 Hz to 42 kHz frequency band. Thanks to the new generation...