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STAX SR-009S new flagship electrostatic earspeakers released (with impressions)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by padam, Apr 20, 2018.
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  1. chimney189
    Which headphone would be best for classical, instrumental and videogame OST music: SR-009 or SR-007 mk2?
    This will be paired with the SRM-1mk2.

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  2. HoloSpice
    009 of course.
  3. chimney189
    Do you think that the 009 will have stridency or sibilance in the treble with an amp like the SRM-1mk2?
  4. Whitigir
    I know for a fact that 009 is very picky, and sibilants is a way that she is telling how bad your sources or amp is. The SR009S is more forgiving in this way, and is also more voiced toward modern genres. Instrumentals ? Nothing out perform a properly setup sr009, but I am not talking about SR1 mk2. Beside that, we all hear things differently, try giving it a chance to see what you like ? But I would think 007 mkI and 009S would better suite your setup due to how forgiving those 2 are in comparison to 009
  5. popof94
    I have both, 009 and 009S and listen 80% of classical music. Both are of course excellent but I prefer the 009S for classical. The 009 have some peaks on treeble that hurt me, on the piano or violin for example. I find the 009S smoother in treeble, with better bass and sub bass and better low medium. When I compare with the 009, the 009 appear a little bit thinner on classical.
    Of course I can live perfectly with the 009 but for classical I find the S better.

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  6. astrostar59
    007MK2 late 2017 onwards as good as the MK1 and that opinion is quite widespread. Ask at the other place. I had 2 x MK2 pre 2017 and they were BAD. The MK1 was obviously better balanced and more detailed / accurate. But that all changed late 2017 and Stax 'did something' with the 007. It is a bit of a bargain now.
  7. Sound Eq
    i have the 007 mk2 serial sz3, and I adore it
    I listened to 009 and it was too much to tolerate

    I did not hear the 009s which I am curious to know how different it is than my 007 mk2
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2019
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  8. georgep
    Not sure if there is anyone who would say the current MK2 is as good as the MK1 (and there are three variations that I am familiar with (there are probably more)). And the MK2 would require the port mod to even be in the running. Also the early MK2s were excellent as they used MK1 drivers - with the port mod they were almost indistinguishable from the MK1 (different pads though). The current MK2s (probably since 2015) are better than the MK2s that came after the early MK2s, but still not better than the early MK2s. Though this probably just makes it harder for folks - bottom line is that even the bass bloated MK2s are better than just about any non-electrostat out there, and the current MK2s are even better. The best 007s are still the MK1s or the early MK2s with MK1 drivers.
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  9. astrostar59
    Well Birgir for starters. Do you own the MK2 2017 on? It really is very different to the earlier MK2s. The MK1 IMO is good, but not perfect in all areas either. The 009 is still better, but has the treble forward presentation, so.....
  10. georgep
    Presently only own 009, 007MK2 with MK1 drivers and 007MK1. The current 007 MK2 (which I have heard on a number of occasions) is good but not as good as the MK1 or early MK2. And 009 is not better. Different. But not better. And I don't typically follow everything that Birgir Spritzer writes the way you do, and don't always agree, so maybe you could point me to where he talked about something equaling the 007Mk1.
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  11. MacedonianHero Contributor
    I agree with your assessments on the 007 Mk1 and Mk2. I was not a big fan of the latter, but loved the former!
  12. buzzlulu
    Take it for what it is worth however when I was at CanJam NY I stopped by the Stax booth and briefly spoke with the rep (Douglas?). Without saying anything I was led to believe that an update to the 007 may be in the works.
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  13. silversurfer616
    Had the 007 Mk1 with a KGSS for a short period of time and liked it so much(mind I was never into Stax)that I thought I will go for it and so I bought the 009S. It is a lot of money especially when you don't have the chance to audition anything( living in New Zealand).
    Well, I have sold the 007Mk1 in the meantime and I am so happy with the 009S that I put all the headphones in my signature up for sale on a local trading site....except the Utopia!
    The 007 Mk1 are wonderful and the bass was just right for me but the 009S are on a different level or are just better suited to my personal taste as there is more body/presence around the music.
    So far I am ok with the KGSS but I know myself...I just need to know how they sound with a BHSE!
    Also, having a Border Patrol NOS dac really helps to round off the edges in the treble department.
    As I have mentioned elsewhere it is sort of 'shocking' going from the 009S straight back to the HD800S( muddy , no clarity) or Utopia( shouty and bright),not to mention the LCD-4/3.
    Of course when you start your listening session with one of the latter headphones they are perfectly 'awesome' in their own right. It is just in the context to the 009S that one realises that they are lacking...well, at least in my experience.
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  14. Whitigir
    Don’t worry, and take it easy :wink:
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  15. Sound Eq
    the only headphone i can listen to straight after listening to my stax 007 mk2 is my hifiman he1000se, hifiman did wonders with 1000se

    as for iems, i have yet to find an iem that i can listen to straight after shure kse1500, as kse1500 is truly end game
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2019
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