Sony WF-1000X discussion thread: Truly wireless IEM with Active Noise Cancelling!

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  1. tinyman392
    I just put my Apple Watch into airplane mode. Hopefully this fixes it.

    Edit: well I'm past the 50% threshold. I guess putting my Apple Watch to airplane mode did it.
    Edit 2: past the transferring stage, now onto the updating stage.
    Edit 3: We're done! Updated, disconnect smartwatches for update.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2017
  2. dlorde
    Updated my WF-1000X on Android without any problem. I've tried them for a few hours since, and have had only one right-side drop-out and that was recovered almost before I noticed. I would have expected more before the update. So far they're performing as well as the B&O E8, and they sound better. Fingers crossed they maintain this connection quality. With this 2nd (replacement) pair, I've not had the persistent multiple drop-outs that made the originals unlistenable at times.
  3. GTan
    I can confirm, after failing the update 6 times on my iPhone X, I followed the instructions above, made sure that there are "none", "zero", connected Bluetooth devices. The transfer have gone past 50% for the first time and is on it's way to completion. Previously had an Apple Watch, and/or Fitbit connected.

    I can also attest that if you have any paired Bluetooth device that attempts to connect, it will also cause it to fail. Had an incoming call, used my headset and busted the update.

    Sony's application has been coded pretty poorly on the iPhone Bluetooth stack.

    EDIT: Successful, now 100%.
  4. Robincop
    Interesting. When I did the update on my Galaxy S8+, I did have my Gear Fit connected via Bluetooth to it at the same time. I did not experience any problems, it went straight through the first time. It was however horribly slow.
  5. jaymbee
    What’s the verdict on the firmware update? Has it fixed the right ear drop-out issue?
  6. Robincop
    In my case; NO. I still get them every now and then.
    But they are not occuring very often and more or less only outside (where I am not using them much).
  7. Pewuf
    I have tested this for close to a week now running on latest firmware, absolutely loving it.

    Too bad my Sony DAP doesn't support AAC Bluetooth I am only on SBC.
  8. theGatMan
    Still working perfectly here.
  9. murph65
    Last 2 posts are indicating these are working well now. Have you tested these outdoors, in busy public areas where there is usually a lot of interference? I'm looking to buy something like these for use on public buses/trains commuting to/from work.

  10. Robincop
    They are perfect for trains and buses.
    Not perfect for walking outside, then you might get the described right ear drop every now and then.
  11. dweaver
    Curious, for those having connection issues. Do you have a secondary device connected to your phone such as a Fitbit or some form of smartwatch?

    I have found no BT solution so far that is impervious to connection issues and have sent back several products that really struggle. But I have noticed the issues got worse when introduced smart watches into my android ecosystem.

    I tried a pair of the WF1000X in a local BestBuy Store using their phone and experienced the right ear disconnect during the demo. So I held off buying them as Canada Best Buy stores have a no return policy on open Headphone products.

    Really enjoyed the sound when the WF1000X worked.

    Wondering if I should just live with the neck ring of the Wi1000x and its bigger price tag though...
  12. Jephre
    I'm using an iPhone X and I haven't found the disconnects to be very inconvenient. They usually resolve in less than a second. In terms of frequency, I barely notice it. I think it happened three times in 1.5hrs as I was listening on the plane.
  13. jaymbee
    Is this with the latest firmware installed?
  14. Robincop
    Interesting, I indeed use a smart device connected via BT at the same time. I will disconnect that next time when I have issues again to see if that solves the problem.
  15. Jephre
    Yes, latest installed
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