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Sony WF-1000X discussion thread: Truly wireless IEM with Active Noise Cancelling!

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  1. Robincop
    Mine updated without any problems.

    The APP informed me that there was an update and 20 minutes later it was done.

    I tried to keep the phone "awake" as much as possible, but it did go to sleep a few times anyhow. That did not interrupt the update process.

    I have not tried the set with the new update, but I did not have much connection problems lately anyhow, so it shouldn't be that much different for me.

    I have an Android phone.

    Update after some use: no difference. Works well most of the times, but I still get regular right side drop outs while walking outside.
    Sitting in airplanes and trains that never happens.
    Also seems to happen mostly when I turn my head, i.e. to look at a shop window.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2017
  2. Robincop

    This support person was clearly wrong, I just received and installed a firmware update via BT.....
  3. jaymbee
    I’m really interested to hear if the firmware update has had an effect on the right ear drop-out issue.
  4. Robincop
    I already did not have a lot of these, so for me it will probably not make that much of a difference. If I get them, I will report back here.
  5. kjellscript
    I still get a lot of dropouts after the update (now I get them when I'm in a small room). I have also noticed that my Galaxy S8 is a lot worse than my Nexus 6P, so maybe it get better with Oreo if Samsung enable AAC.
  6. jasonrak
    Yes I noticed that. Big shocker that support team is wrong! HA I downloaded firmware as well. haven't tested it yet tho. Will later today. Hope it made it work better
  7. jasonrak
    SThe update downloaded and installed for me without problem. Hope you all can get yours connected with the update soon.

    In terms of efficacy of the update - mixed bag.
    I was having alot of issues in certain areas of NYC with drop outs. Mostly it would happen when I was at a crosswalk or a 4 way stop, walking somewhere. I;ve had this issue with other truly wireless earphones so this wasn't a surprise to me. They work better walking down a street block because the sound has something ot bounce off of (wall, building, etc) than just the middle of an intersection.
    The update seems a bit better but still getting dropouts.

    Audio/Video lag:
    YouTube - with both buds in forget about having the audio/video sync up in YouTube. Not going to happen. Only way to fix this problem right now is to take out the right bud and place it back in the charging cradle. You will only hear out of the left bud (master bud) obviously, but at least it is in sync.
    Netflix - seems to be mostly synced up with both buds in.
    Hulu - Not as bad a lag as YouTube but still noticeable, maybe a .5 second lag but Im not great at timing. Just know its noticeable but not horrendous (like YouTube)
    Amazon Prime Video - Basically like Hulu, some lag but not as noticeable as YouTube. Somewhat watchable
    Fox Sports Go - Worse than YouTube with both buds. With just the left bud in its passable but lag noticeable
  8. story

    Finally got it work. It might be a server down error if anyone experiences the same thing.
    The update hasn't solve the right ear bud cutting off. Annoying as hell and definitely made this worth $20 as only left side works.
  9. ultraman
    I watch YT on Safari instead of using the app. No lag and no ads if you use adblocker. The only downside is no HD playback.

    iPhone X
    WF-1000x old fw
  10. Twinster
    Well I feel obligated to report that I’m not experiencing any problem with my WF-1000X paired with my iPhone 6S+. I’ve been using them for the pass 3 weeks daily for walking my dog outside for about 40 minutes and keeping my phone in my winter coat I may have notice about 3 or 4 fainted signal from the right side. I’m still impress by the quality of sound the can produce.
  11. nanaholic
    In my experiences if I put my phone in my jacket front pockets instead of my pant’s back pocket I get much less drop outs. I’m guessing that the left piece (the master unit) prioritises connection with the source, so if the connection is stable with the source it can spare more power to the slave unit (the right unit).
  12. tinyman392
    Didn't realize there was an update for these. I haven't had too many connection issues prior to the update though.

    Edit: update failed... Here we go again!
    Edit 2: Twice in a row, both failures occurring at exactly at 50%... That's odd.
    Edit 3: Three times failure... I'll come back tomorrow.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2017
  13. theGatMan
    Updated both my devices with absolutely no problem, one set done with my iPad Pro and the other with iPhone X. 17 minutes in both cases, and the software automatically prevented the devices from going into sleep mode.

    No difference noted so far, but then again I really have had no previous problems either.
  14. LinuxDoc
    I have had problems with my iPhone 7 update the wf-1000x (50% error). I think the main problem is the Applewatch bluetooth connection breakes the update. With the iPad no problem with the update.
  15. kadajawi
    Updating worked flawless on my set through my Android phone, while a colleague tried to update the second set via his iPhone and failed multiple times (similar to your issues... he also has an Apple Watch). Then I used my phone to update the other set, but forgot I was doing so and moved away while it was still updating. After that all attempts failed, until I rebooted them by putting them into the charging case first. Then it worked flawless. Though update time was more around 30+ minutes rather than the 20-ish minutes the app claims.

    Connection quality on the go seems to have improved, but I need to test more. However connecting them to my MacBook Pro it's still absolutely dreadful. Dropouts are almost constant. What does work is if I plug the right one into my left ear and vice versa... the MBP is sitting roughly at 2 am from me. Also, if I turn around the left earpiece and hold it to my ear I can reliably disable the right channel. Also, the connection is getting dreadful once both earpieces are close to my ears. If I keep a distance they are reliable. Unfortunately I'd want to have them close to my ear... When the sound drops off, there seems to be a weird echo too, with ther right channel repeating the left upon reconnecting. Lets just say that even I find it extremely annoying and unusable. And that's with SBC, I couldn't get Sierra to use AptX, despite using the Bluetooth Explorer app.

    With an iPhone the connection is good, and with my LG V20 it mostly is, too.

    Full or empty makes no difference to me. What does is the headphone position in relation to the other (though keeping them 10 meters apart is no issue), where I am (interferences?), and most of all the source device. Few issues with smartphones or my Lenovo Yoga Tab Pro 2. Samsung Galaxy TabPro S seems fine too. MacBook Pro (2015) and Mac mini (2012), forget about it.

    What I did notice with the update was crackling noises seem to have appeared, mostly in situations with more bass, like The XX - Fantasy. Little Boots - Meddle also seems to expose this flaw, even though that isn't a particularly bass heavy song. Not sure if there's just something wrong with my set. But I haven't noticed this issue on any song so far, that is until the update happened. Can anyone confirm?
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