Sony WF-1000X discussion thread: Truly wireless IEM with Active Noise Cancelling!

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  1. theGatMan
    I do wish I could get a couple more hours of battery per charge, but three seems fair enough considering what they are doing.
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  2. joshnor713
  3. theGatMan
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  4. dehory
    My experience after listening to these daily for about three weeks with a iPhone X/MacBook Pro:

    • Good sound quality - wireless or not. To me, they're an upgrade over my wired RHA MA750s and aren't disproportionately more expensive than those were at the time I bought them. Similarly enjoyably warm and non-fatiguing tone as the MA750s, but greater fullness, textural clarity and separation. Decent bass impact when it's called for.
    • Ease of connectivity. After I started following the manual's very specific steps for using the earphones, the connection is quick and automatic each time I take them out of the case. Then just one click of the right earphone's button and playback resumes.
    • Noise cancellation. This is my first set of noise-cancelling earphones. I've always just relied on a good seal on my IEMs for listening on planes/etc. Turning on and off ANC, I was actually pretty shocked at how much of a difference it made on a plane. Sound quality does take a hit when the ambient environment is quiet and ANC is on.
    • Comfortable fit. Much lighter than the metal-bodied MA750s. Vigorous headbanging does nothing to shift them from my ears. (I switched to the largest tips and wings.) No comfort issues during extended use – albeit you tend to only have them in your ears for so long before needing to stick them back in their case to recharge...
    • Poor battery life. I'm just about squeezing out ~3.5 hours of continuous playback with noise-cancelling and equalizer turned off. More often than not, it's closer to 2.5-3 hours. The battery case does give the earphones a pretty quick boost, and I didn't have any frustrations with battery life on a couple of 6-7 hour flights with a brief meal break in the middle.
    • (Perceived) build quality. Maybe it's their lightness and plastic-ness compared with the MA750s, but I would hate to drop these. The double-hinge mechanism on the case feels rather fragile.
    Connection Stability
    • In my experience, any right ear drop outs seem correlated with battery levels. The handful of very brief instances when I've experienced any issues at all have been when the the battery was almost depleted – and even then, it's been resolved by restarting playback with the right ear function button. Indoor and outdoor use has been equally good. Head movements have not affected the connection. Neither has the location of the phone on my person. All in all, after the mixed reports of connection stability among early users, I've actually been quite impressed. Amazon accepts holiday returns until the end of January, so I'll continue to assess the situation.
    Maximum Volume
    • These go up to earbleedingly loud levels for me. Volume in the Sony app is synced with the systemwide iOS headphone volume. Side note for those experiencing issues with low volumes: my experience in situations where levels can be set independently in several places along the software chain (e.g. in my car, I can set a BT volume on my phone's music app, the car audio system has a primary volume setting, and then there's another separate volume setting buried in the car's BT settings) is that sound quality greatly suffers when more than one of those settings is below ~90%.
    Source files: mostly MP3 V0s and FLACs.

    Music I'm enjoying right now: Function's Recompiled remasters, a Brazilian electronic compilation from Music From Memory, and Dark Entries's outstanding recent release of Patrick Cowley's 80s gay porn soundtrack music.
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  5. Robincop
    Fear not, I dropped both of them (knocked them out of my ear when walking through a spider wire). They both hit the street from head hight. Minor scuffs on the outside only, barely visible with the naked eye.
    They still play absolutely fine.

    If you ever get a chance, then try a Bose noise cancelling headset. Then you will be even more amazed at what that does to airplane noise.
  6. Twinster

    I've been having the same experience as you for the pass two weeks. The sound produce by these small 6mm drivers is just impressive. The are very musical with a nice warm and full body sound scape.

    The ANC is not to the level of my MDR1000X but the combination of the passive isolation and the AND , it was enough for blocking the drone noise and the chatting of the peoples in the shuttle bus for the pass two weeks.

    I did experience a few cutting from the right side and they were fully charges but it only last for half a second while walking outside with my phone in my left side jean front pocket. I was also somewhat disappointed that they didn't support LDAC but with my iPhone 6S+ and ACC I can't complain too much for the application they are intended for.
  7. nobody7284
    There is a new update for Sony Headphones Connect App. I updated it , dun seem any differences...
  8. story
    I tried it in Hong Kong (plane, bus, MTR, sidewalk). It makes a huge difference when noise cancelling is on. Having the correct way to put on the ear phones makes a difference in NC quality too. One thing to I noticed is the bone conducting noise especially on the plane. If my head resting on the head rest, it enhanced the vibration noise which is very annoying. If I disabled NC it actually blends in all the background noise and it was easier to sleep.

    Microphone is useless in noisy environment. I prefer my AirPods for everyday use when I am in North America.

    Update: Just tried it on my Macbook Pro 2013. It was quite useless, the right side works 50% of the time. My AirPod works beautifully. I am selling this garbage.
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  9. dehory
    Heads up that there’s a nice price drop on Best Buy ($159.99). Credit card price protection should have prior purchases covered.
  10. jasonrak

    I headed over to B&H here in NYC today and picked up the WF-1000X. I don't like Best Buy so B&H was willing to match price of $160. So if anyone is in NYC they have some good buys going on right now :)

    Anyway, earlier this morning I had a question re: whether or not these will at some point be able to have their firmware updated.

    I've used the Bragi Dash, Here One, Jabra Sport Elite, Bose Soundsport Free and Samsung Gear IconX, all of which have been updated either over bluetooth or through the app at some point. They've done this because they realize not everything will be perfect out of the box and use early adopters to fish out some problems they might have, then they target those issues eventually with a firmware update. Makes sense and I'm ok with it.

    However what this Sony rep typed back to me I was quite shocked to hear: The WF-1000X can NOT be firmware updatable. That's a big deal. Apparently they have no idea that multiple YouTube reviews and sites like this have identified some major issues such as audio/video lag and earbud dropouts.
    The link has my full chat with the Sony Support rep[​IMG]
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  11. nanaholic

    There's a new firmware update for the WF-1000X released today which is supposed to improve connectivity issues. You have to apply the update via the Sony Headphone app (iOS and Android), if you have the latest version of the app (v2.1.2 I believe) a pop up will tell you the earbuds has a new firmware.

    Issue is I haven't been able to get the firmware to completely download onto the earbud, the support page says it takes roughly 37 minutes (!) to complete but my update keeps dropping out mid way....
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  12. nanaholic
    After some fiddling I finally got my WF1000X updated. I couldn't get it to update on my iPhone so I went to my Android device instead, I also disabled automatic sleep/screen off during the update so the device won't suddenly change state which seem to do the trick. So others having issue might want to give that a try.

    Not sure there's any improvements in connectivity issues since I'm at home, but I notice that audio and video are now in sync if I watch some videos on my phones, while there's a slight delay in the Youtube app but it is no longer the horrible 2 second delay of before. Games on the other hand are still not in sync, but this is already a big improvement in terms of usability of these wireless earbuds.
  13. nobody7284
    Hi All,

    I am updating now using IOS. Will be back later for review.

  14. story
    Well done SONY, not!
    What a pos update method. The earphone went to sleep 50% into the update and have to start again. I was using iPhone and now no matter what I do (uninstall app, reinstall, unpair, re-pair) nothing works.

    Same for my brand new Android tablet. Nothing works. I even did a hard reset

    After on the phone with Sony for an hour, I was sent to second level support and THE NOTES are completely wrong. He said I had trouble pairing my bluetooth.

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  15. nanaholic
    It can't be helped, there's no other way to update the earbuds because the only communication channel is BT, and now with people who don't even use PCs anymore doing the update via the app is the only logical method.

    I would just suggest turning off automatic sleep/screen off on your phone, that helped me for my update.
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