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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. AxelCloris Administrator
    In the past Sony has announced their new lines at IFA around this time of year. I doubt we'll see anything official before then. If we do then that's awesome, but I'm not expecting anything.

    The longer Sony waits to announce, the longer my wallet is safe. :wink:
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  2. Witcher
    How did the ZX100 sound compared with the AW35/36? Should we expect the same differences?
  3. Partlys4int
    I think the difference might be bigger than the previous difference between zx100 and A30. Why? Because When the A30 got released, the ZX100 was already over 1 year old. Now, the release will be more or less simultaneous. (within a span of a couple of months at most)
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  4. imparanoic
    I can confirm there is no NW-ZX300 at Hong Kong High end audio exhibition, strangely only nw-zx100 ( thought they discontinued it), wm1a, wm1z and a30 series
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  5. superuser1
    Now for IFA
  6. Partlys4int
    I do think it's a little misleading for consumers who don't do their homework. By doing this, they make it seem as if the ZX100 is part of their newest line-up.
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  7. audionewbi
  8. superuser1
    Feels something like my first love!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
  9. suman134
    What is this!!! ZX300? Looks fantastic!!
  10. Bepli
    looks really nice i think, I hope they will release a black version tho, also I am interested in the power specs. I would be fine with atleaste 40mW single ended but more is obvsly nicer since the battery life is already leaked
  11. Partlys4int
    I love it. But I'm not sure what the blank area below the screen is supposed to be.
  12. Bepli
    Nothing actually if you look at the ZX100 there where the controls, but now it has a touchscreen and to fit the amp and all electronics in it its needed. also the dap doesnot have the bump on the back anymore since it now is missing the controls in the front and so has more space!
  13. Partlys4int
    Ah well, it's a much better option than the bump on the back.
  14. PCheung
    Space for battery maybe?
    the blank area also let you access to the touch screen while using the cradle BCR-NWH10 I guess? :thinking:
  15. Whitigir
    Nice, so zx300 has balanced out also :D....look like WM1Z will be dated in a couple years...common....
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