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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. Witcher
    I'm assuming no 4.4mm balanced for the AW40 then?
  2. Bepli
    No obsly not. This info has been confirmed already. The A40 series will mostly be the same as A30 but adds aptx and MQA
  3. Witcher
    MQA? The AW40 will allow streaming?
  4. Bepli
    No obvsly not. Its a decoding format not only used in streaming. U can buy MQA files. They are .flac, but will only play at cd quality if you cannot decode them. If you can decode them (like the new players from Sony) you will hear the original samplerate which can go from 44,1 to 768
  5. Witcher
    Ah I see. Thanks for sharing!
  6. superuser1
    Did i hear correct when i heard someone say they saw the A40 in HK?
  7. equalspeace
    I hope Sony uses a warmer sound sig with this dap. Neutral to warm would be okay too
  8. superuser1
    Just for reference what would you call the sound signature of the A35 to be? I am guessing neutral to warm is what they would give. That's the range for most consumers i think.
  9. equalspeace
    To my ears it sounds neutral with just a hint of warmth
    superuser1 likes this.
  10. Bepli
    I checked the design and the slimmer design is probably because the dropped buttons in the front. The ZX100 used the controls on the front, but the new ZX300 will have a touchscreen which results in a slimmer design.
  11. Bepli
    I dont really understand why one would want a warm sounding player ? U can either use eq or use a different pair of headphones. A warm sounding player would be very bad to use with headphones that are already pretty warm.!
    Intensecure likes this.
  12. equalspeace
    Yeah, neutral with a bit of warmth is probably what fits best for most people.
  13. imparanoic

    Next week there is an audiophile Audio visual exhibition in Hong Kong, sony has confirmed they will participate, they may unveil the a40 and zx300 during this show,
    Partlys4int and equalspeace like this.
  14. superuser1
    That is exciting news!
  15. Bepli
    Maybe, I dont really think they will but I hope. It would probably bigger news if they did it at ces. They might reveal only the ZX300 because it is higher
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