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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. nanaholic
    I think the the opposite. Most of the modern low impedance headphones are quite easy to drive, and if I want to drive power hungry headphones like planers then I'd have a desktop rig for it (also why would you be wearing open backs outside anyway?). 4hrs in my mind only qualifies as a transportable, not portable. A modern DAP must at least provide 10-12hrs playing FLACs powering 16-32ohm phones decently to be worth considering IMO.
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  2. technobear
    I'd be willing to bet there are more people who would like longer battery life than 4 hours and are quite happy to choose appropriate headphones.
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  3. vikibeats
  4. imparanoic
    depends what earphones and headphone you use, to me, higher output power has limited usage for me, i have xba-40, xba-30, mdr-nc750, and akg k551, i really appreciate the long battery life at 45 hours, i have even worked out at my current usage, ie, require charging every 5 days, by the time i done 600 charges it will be at least 2024
  5. Bepli
    I can totally understand that point tho, I for example am not able to always have a nice amp with me and I dont really like most of the pocket sized ones and thats a reason why I want a DAP with higher output power.
    But I think no matter what you want long battery life or a bit more output power this player will be very nice. The only bigger flaw I see at the moment is the already mentioned low capacity, I cannot hear a difference between CD and Hi-Res, but it is 2017 and flash storage is pretty cheap, I would happily pay 50-150$ more to have 128 or 256 GB in built or a second micro sd card slot. Its a little bummer Sony keeps pushing Hi-Res files all this years but most of there players have limited space.
  6. nanaholic
    Pretty sure Sony just saw that price bracket the big sellers all came with 64G and went with that trend. eg AK300, KANN, Onkyo DP-X1A.
  7. superuser1
    But the Kann has 2 card slots for handling large libraries which Sony should be alive to.
  8. nanaholic
    The KANN is also a brick that is unusually thick giving them plenty of room to put in that extra slot.

    Also I don't know how people get such a big library - I have around 500 hi-res songs and that is just around 60GB (I have some DSD256 files, so remove those and it will go MUCH smaller). My entire library is only 150G, which means if I get a 256GB SD slot I can fit my entire library and still have spare...
  9. superuser1
    Gulp! Minimalism at its most efficient! I am guilty of having different versions of the same album and same songs having different file types. I gave a wrap to my knuckle and stopped short of 1 TB :frowning2:
    I agree with your assertion and metaphor drawn to a brick. I also find it interesting that they claim a loong (sic) battery life. However having those ridiculous infirmities some really do love it.
  10. nanaholic
    Well outside of DSDs and some hi-res 32bit WAVs my library is a mix of 256kbps AAC, 320kbps mp3 or FLACs, I've already purged old low bitrate files either via re-ripping from CDs to FLAC or download a high quality version so I don't need the same album in different formats (actually once iOS 11 comes and support FLACs natively then I'll just rip straight to FLACs which would be sweet, no more format juggling!). I am guilty of collecting the same songs from different masters though (different album release for example) because the mixing could be different which lead to different sound quality, but still I don't see how people build up such giant libraries that they can't fit in a 128GB/256GB card.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2017
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  11. superuser1
    Probably i as i already stand charged guilty i thought the mention of songs on few different languages would also be a reason for a bloated library. I am working on it though to trip it to 500 gigs.
  12. superuser1
  13. Witcher
    does anyone know how long it takes for these typically to hit the shelves after the IFA showcase?
  14. Partlys4int
    It's Sony we are talking about. If last year's release is anything to go by, then a couple of months. But it could also be half a year...
    Normally though, every electronics brand that releases new products before Christmas tries to make sure that their products are on the shelves by that time.

    edit: that doesn't mean it'll be available where you live. It's well possible you'll have to resort to importing the player;
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2017
  15. technobear
    Looks like only one micro SD slot. In that case it will need 128 GB of internal storage to be of interest - assuming this will have a real world price. Not holding my breath here.
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