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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. geagle
    Very, very glad you solved it @Shane D !!
  2. Shane D
    I get what you're saying as I have had two phones that "bricked". This felt just like that, in that it was unusable. I also restored those two phones with much help off the net.

    Shane D
  3. Shane D
    You and me both!

    Shane D
  4. superuser1
    Phew that was a close call. Keep that FW file in a secret secure location :D
  5. Shane D
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2018
  6. shady1991
    akg.jpg beyer1.jpg

    So... A week ago I modded my AKG k702 and beyerdynamic dt880 to take balanced cables. Then I made cables and tried balanced output of my walkman for the first time and now that it had 30 hours of burn in I want to share my impressions.
    SE vs BA
    The sound coming from BA output is unbelievably good. I was already impressed by SE but not-so-big sounstage was bothering me. Also SE didnt have enough punch, I would decribe the sound as silky smooth but with balanced sound is more punchy while maintaining pleasant silkiness. The soundstage is bigger by quite a margin and imaging is also improved.
    The other change is in treble region, having two treble boosted cans, the high end was little bit ear piercing on SE but surprisingly, balanced has more recessed treble(weirdly only on high gain), Im not sure if the quantity is less but it feels like its coming from far and it is way more pleasant.

    Zx300 vs Fiio x3ii+cayin c5
    As most of audiphiles here, I really enjoy comparing the sound quality of different gears and then talking to the people about it, most of whom dont even pretend to listen to me as they dont even know what stereo means.. Anyway.. Zx300 beats fiio+cayin in every aspect, the sound signature isnt very different so it was very easy to make conclusions, sony has bigger soundstage, much better imaging, clearer treble, better instrument separation but the biggest step up is in low end, the bass guitar sound coming from sony is something else, it's much better than anything I have ever heard.

    Zx300 vs LG V10
    Comparision with LG V10 isnt as straightforward because sound signature is very different. Soundstage on LG is the widest I have ever heard and it beats even zx300 when it comes to width (left and right). But sony has better depth and it still feels much more spacious. LG renders ambient sounds weirdly, there always is a particular point where the sound is coming but on sony ambient sounds are.. well.. more ambient. So this together with other reasons makes sony sound more spacious. Also there is no contest when it comes to the very low and very high end of the frequency spectrum, Zx300 is clearly league ahead of the V10 in that. Overal it still doesnt make my V10 obsolete as the wider soundstage and the boosted lower mid/midbass on LG makes sound more natural sometimes (probably because of my AKG has recessed lower mid). I have to admit that listening to Violin is more fun with LG because of these reasons, Violins sound more Cello-like on LG and i kind of like it. But still I would say ZX300 is in different league than V10.

    Overall, I am very very happy with the results of my first DIY modifications. One thing is clear that if you have zx300 you have to go Balanced. I think I will still use SE sometimes as it is also very good on its own way but the balanced output just puts smile on my face everytime..
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2018
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  7. grig
    out of curiosity what DAC is in the zx300 i could't find anything about this .... ??
  8. superuser1
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  9. PCheung
    The S-Master HX Full Digital Amplifier CXD3778GF
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2018
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  10. andkoppel

    I just got my ZX300 from amazon.es. It's the EU version so it has the volume limited. I want to uncap it. I have visited the Rockbock page and the procedure is quite clear, but there is a step that is confusing: how to set the SPS and the destination codes. It refers me to a service manual page for Sony devices but the 300 is not liste.

    Any help would be welcome.
  11. geagle
    @andkoppel the destination codes are the ones down below on the rockbox page itself - for instance, J for Japan, which is what I used on my own ZX300a to be able to create playlists on the DAP itself - so I probably typed something like this:

    scsitool-nwz-vX.exe H: dest_tool set J off


    H: - stands for how your computer labels your ZX300 as a drive (so it probably should not be "H:" for you, but something else)
    J - stands for destination Japan (but you can use something else, as long as table below on the rockbox page says that volume is uncapped)
    off - is the SPS (sound pressure regulation) setting - meaning you want it off :) , even though, apparently, in later sony models this should be automatically regulated by the destination code and so probably won't have any effect on the ZX300 - just DON'T select a destination code which is capped :)

    Hope that helps :wink:
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  12. andkoppel
    Thx geagle, very helpful. Done.

    Funny was that although the original definition was CEW2 it had the SPS off (0), but it was capped all the same.

    Thx again.
  13. geagle
    yeah, from that same table, you can see that CEW2 does indicate volume as being "capped and warning [Check the volume level] at some point" .... as the page says, for later sony models the destination is what matters, apparently, to have volume capped or uncapped. One just needs to pick one which is uncapped :)
  14. Love Music
    How do you save your equalizer presets? And choose them? Cannot seem to find it ...
  15. kms108
    From my memories, it's about 15000 yen plus tax, the battery alone is about 7500 yen plus tax, the extra cost is labour and the opening the unit.
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