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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. raybies
    Just remember the battery doesn't last forever, so ask yourself if you want to waste some of it?
    Beninnzorjp likes this.
  2. JerryHead
    Ah, definitely a consideration. Thanks.
  3. JerryHead
    A little confused about what you're asking. Are the SE846s considered "low sensitivity"?
  4. Lord Mike
    Good to know. Thank you.
  5. JerryHead
    About to pull the trigger on a RMT-NWS20 remote from Japan on eBay for $58USD. Just hoping someone here can just confirm it works without issue with the ZX300?
  6. Beninnzorjp
    I can confirm the Asia Pacific version works, heard that the Japanese one definitely supports it
    Lord Mike likes this.
  7. kms108
    The A version also supports it.
  8. JerryHead
    Great, thanks, my ZX300 was direct from Japan, so sounds like there'll be no issue.
    Beninnzorjp likes this.
  9. Hanafuda

    Wow that's gorgeous. Thanks for the new wallpaper LOL. Thanks also for the prelim impressions on the ZX and Z1R. I'll pester you again about them sometime, I'm very interested.
  10. Lord Mike
    Yup, and if you're considering a screen protector, go with OEM Sony, as it has the same matt finish we all seem to enjoy on the ZX300.
  11. Beninnzorjp
    I think on the site of the software/tool to change the language/version, I forget the name, there is a table showing the different versions
    Easy to set up too
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  12. JerryHead
    I'm assuming no instructions really needed. Just involves pairing the remote?
  13. JerryHead
    I bought the Apple lightening to USB 3 camera adapter. Now how exactly do I connect my iPhone X to the ZX300 with it? I plug-in the power cord (that comes with the ZX300) into the bottom of the ZX300, and plug the other (usb) end into the Apple adapter, and then the adapter plugs right into the only port in on the iPhone X, the lightening port? Just want to be clear.
  14. Beninnzorjp
    I bought mine in Japan and there was English instructions on how to pair - I don't think i even bothered to read them, took seconds
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  15. Lord Mike
    You need to press both play/pause button and Vol Down until you see red and blue lights flashing. Then it's ready to pair. Everything else is quite simple on the ZX300.
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