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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. psikey
    My SE846's are easily driven and would normally listen on low gain, but thinking it sounds even better on high gain (lower volume set) and still no background hiss.

    Anybody else just using High Gain even with low sensitivity IEM's? Loud with volume only at 45.
  2. abitdeef

    Yes I'm using hi gain on my oriveti new primacy which are supposed to be hissy, but the output is silent even on hi gain. And it doesn't seem to effect the battery adversely and I think it sounds more dynamic and alive with hi gain even on lower volume.
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  3. abitdeef

    Only reason I could think in favour of the 1A would be the bigger screen and more onboard storage. I absolutely love the form factor of the ZX300 though, not too big and nice and sleek with easy controls. This is the best sounding and overall nicest dap that I've owned, diminishing returns tells me this one is the sweet spot for me.

    Would like to add I've had an upper respiratory infection going on 3 weeks (it's really going around here atm) and I've done a TON of listening because of all the down time and I've really grown to appreciate the very nuanced special sauce sound of the 300's balanced output.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  4. Hanafuda

    raybies, it’s been little more than a month, how are you feeling about the zx300 / Z1R pairing?
  5. kms108
    You need the OEM case then, this allows you to easily press the key you want without looking at it, still the remote is not as convenient as you may think. You carry the ZX300 on the move, you carry a remote on the move, you bring out the remote to control the ZX300, why not just bring out the ZX300 and press what ever button you want and skip the remote.:wink:

    That being said, I also have the remote.
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  6. larzy
    Finally received my ZX300a from Joybuy today. Shipped January 15 but have been delayed because of danish custom where it was just waiting to be handled since January 31. Ended up having to pay about $100 for importing it into the country.

    Retail price in Denmark for the 64 gb EU model is 5500 danish kr which is like $900 so quite a bit of a difference compared to Joybuys price. Even with custom/tax it's almost half the price.

    I previously had the ZX300 for a day or two bought from Amazon.co.uk, but returned it when I found out about the Joyboy deal. The ZX300a from Joybuy has copper coloured connections whereas the ZX300 EU model I got from Amazon had gold coloured. Not sure if it makes a difference?

    I really like the form factor and the matte screen compared to 1A. Cool detail with the red charging light at the bottom of the screen. The interface seems a bit more fast navigating compared to the 1A.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
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  7. Lord Mike
    Ummm nope, DAP tucked away in pocket, remote tethered to cable or simply in hand as it's light enough. :wink:
    The remote's 4-way control pad is easy to discern what function you're pressing. It's incredibly useful.
    And not entirely sure how a case will help identify the difference between play/pause and FF buttons
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
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  8. OptionalLemon
    The OEM case has a little raised lip sticking out between the play, pause and the rest of the buttons. Once you get used to it it does help with finger placement without needing to take a look at the player.
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  9. FrostyP
    I finally got a pentaconn cable for my t5p 2nd gen and the difference between pairing it with the ZX300 vs the Chord Mojo is pretty huge, things definitely sound more spacious on the ZX300 while the Mojo shoved everything up close. It's quite nice :L3000:
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  10. Beninnzorjp
    2 thumbs up for the remote - a very quick and handy way to adjust volume and skip tracks without fumbling around
  11. psikey
    Agree. It does.
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  12. raybies
    I'm sorry to say I've only got ~5hrs (3hrs SE) on the ZX, and ~2hrs on Z1R... the problem with the Z1R's is they're so HUGE I have to sit up with them.

    I've been spending my time with a new Class A SE 300B Tube amp, and MiniDSP w/ FIR filters (revolutionary for me).

    Btw the ZX (HG) puts out ~30% more power than the tube amp's 1/4" headphone socket, the ZX will drive my D5000 to uncomfortable levels, the tube at max. just to comfortable level. Tube out is 32ohm no figures on V.
    With the ZX as a source the tube adds a more airy feeling to music, really nice with trance.
    My PC sound card (Asus Xonar STX) gives jaw tingling lows, the ZX nor the tube does.

    No conclusions yet, just some initial impressions.

    Took this last night, don't know why just 1 300B has that blue plasma... the blue around the left sockets are from the headphone LED, a little blinding from the front so I need to change its resistor.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  13. JerryHead
    Can anyone tell me what I should be paying for the NWS20 remote in USD? I see some on eBay for around $58 with free shipping.
  14. JerryHead
    I'm thinking someone must've proposed this by now, but if the sound is noticeably better after 200 hours on each output, is there anything wrong with my just charging this sucker up, raising the volume to about 45, and then letting it sit overnight just playing one album after another continually for 8 hours until the battery runs out? Do this 20 times or so, and you'd be most of the way there..
  15. abitdeef
    No just raise the volume and connect a headphone of any kind the higher the volume the better. But the thing will run all night and help burn the output in. And believe me it makes quite a bit of difference.
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