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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. Ghost2501
    Batch convert started with dB PowerAmp.

    I don't understand Sony to not support OGG files on their DAPs but they support it with their softwares (Sony Vegas for example).
  2. equalspeace
    what is the tonality of the ZX300 like? if possible, can someone compare it to other DAPs they have knowledge of?
  3. JerryHead
    I'm not finding this in the settings. Can you tell me where in the settings I should be looking?
  4. kms108
    settings, unit information.
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  5. Bshah
  6. abitdeef

    Ha ha checked the usage and I only have 66 hours on mine.
  7. kms108
    i only done 30hrs since I purchased the ZX300 on october 22nd.
  8. JerryHead
    Wow, mine says 00003:46. I definitely haven't listened to 3 hours 45 min of music. I just haven't had time to do so. I've listened to it for about a total of an hour tops.. Very strange.
  9. Partlys4int
    Maybe you've let it play while you were away?
  10. kms108
    did you check the counter during your purchased, mine was at 0, and the counter combine SE and balanced.
  11. Partlys4int
    For me personally I noticed the biggest difference around 80hrs of usage. But ofcourse that differs due to different volume.
  12. kms108
    I agree, sometime the buttons are easily pressed as well.
  13. JerryHead
    I suppose that's possible. I didn't think so, but I very well may have clicked the screen off and then let it play.. It definitely looked brand new when I received it. Oh well, that's most likely what happened.
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  14. JerryHead
    Received the standard cable today, and using it with my Shure SE846s, WOW! what a difference! I was getting a little nervous that the sound of the zx-300 just wasn't measuring up to my previous ZX2. I wasn't finding as warm, as dynamic, and as wide a soundstage as the ZX2 through the SE port. But through the balanced output, AMAZING! Thanks for steering me in the right direction Psikey.
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  15. psikey
    Good to know.

    Amazon UK now at lowest price I've seen yet, £454 with 11 in stock at 6:30am UK time.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2017
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