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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. kms108
    These are non branded ones, you can get them from amazon jp at approximate USD 17.5 not including shipping or from china Taobao at approximate USD 6-7 not including shipping.
  2. khestoi
    Does the zx300 comes with those plugs? I dont have those plugs....
  3. kms108
    did you read my post, its the Japanese version only.
  4. khestoi
    Oh ok thanks.
  5. kms108
    Has anyone tried MQS files, does the ZX300 have any indicator for this file fomat, or does it just shows as FLAC.
  6. Partlys4int
    Well, 24bit shows as Hi-Res, so I would think at the very least it would show as Hi-Res as well.
    kms108 likes this.
  7. kms108
    yes, all hi res files will display the logo, and even a MQS file is a extention of the FLAC will also display as HI res, but how do we actually know that the files are MQS just by looking at the screen, although i do know because I put the files in.
  8. khestoi
    Cant see an option for gapless playback. Is it supported?
  9. JerryHead
    How would I find a shipping agent to do so?
  10. Ghost2501
    Is there a specific folder structure for the files located on the microSD card?
    I've already a 128 GB SanDisk card and my ZW-X300 is on its way. So, I want to be prepared with music on the card.
    And also, is it better to format the card with the DAP or not?
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2017
  11. Bepli
    MQS is just Hi-res flac! MQA will be shown as MQA instead of flac
    PCheung likes this.
  12. Bshah
    Yes MQA files are identified
  13. Bshah
    I've had problems with my 128gb SanDisk card. I just moved it from my LG V20 phone. Perhaps I should have formatted it first. Place all music in a top level folder called "Music".
    Ghost2501 likes this.
  14. kms108
    Sorry my typo, it's MQA, does the actual display indicate the files are MQA, as I have one MQA file, but does not show, but will play normally.
  15. Partlys4int
    Like @Bepli already said, it will not show specifically as MQA. From what I gather, mqa is not a format just a 'quality stamp', that it is the original authentic studio quality instead of the commercialized 'shaven' version :)
    I don't have any need for it though.
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