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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. James McGregor
    The 3.5mm is not a line out for the Sony no, it is for the fiio and a non true line out via 3.5mm on the cayin
  2. Drew2388
    Mainly with headphones wired and Bluetooth and wired to my truck. I have a stereo in the garage I'd use it with with the aux if my wife didnt have so much crap in my way to be able to use it.

    I'll hear how good it sounds through head phones and cramped in the truck but through a stereo I don't think it will make much difference to me.

    When it comes to fiio the new one that's not out yet seems like a nice alternative but I wouldn't want to be the first wave to get it because they usually have some firmware issue right away. My other option is the x3 iii which is what I was going to get over the Sony but from what I understand the Bluetooth isn't much better than the x1 2nd ( which didn't work at all unless you held it up the whole time)
  3. Drew2388
    So just to get it straight a true line out uses the devices power to play the music and the aux only line basically just uses the device like a thumb drive with music on it to be played through your other equipment. Is that right?
  4. James McGregor
    The line out take a high impedance signal from the dap, so it's a pure signal and represents the audio signature of the source, using the usb out (digital/coaxial) will yes just transfer the audio to the connected device to let it process the audio
  5. max111
    issue resolved
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2018
  6. Drew2388
    Does anyone know where I can still get media go download?
  7. phower
    There seems to be so much confusion here. Consumer line level(nominal) is about 0.3 Vrms output which the A45's headphone output is capable of delivering. You can connect it any other consumer aux input(impedance several kilo ohms) and it should be mostly fine. You simply increase the gain of the preamplifier of the target if the volume is not high enough.
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  8. James McGregor
    Yes you can use a headphone out in place of line out, and it will work, but it's not the same as line out. Line out is typically an unadulterated signal, it comes straight from the DAC and out. For the Sony it's the only option, but not really an acceptable one for those spending quite a lot of money on a device, especially when line out is such a standard option, it's bizarre that Sony choose to omit it
  9. fish1050
    So alot of post recently on Fiio vs Sony A45.

    Although it has not been formally addressed by Sony regarding LO and why they don't have it on any DAP's. Again Sony does not have a true DAC implementation like other DAP manufacturers so LO may not have been omitted but simply not possible with Sony's design. But on the other hand Sony's designs do provide for very efficient DAP's and just about the best Battery life ratings of any DAP line. So would you be willing to trade a big chunk of battery life to get Sony to change its design in favor of a proper LO implementation? Personally I wouldn't as I have said already I get great results going HO from my Sony A17 to external amps. My advice, if you can go and demo an A45 and try using via HO to an external amp before making your decision. You can speculate all you want about the A45 and LO vs HO but until you try it via HO you won't know if not having proper LO is that big an issue.

    As for bluetooth support and the A45 vs Fiio DAP's. If bluetooth is important then stick with the A45. To date Fiio has had the worst bluetooth implementations and weakest signals of any mainstream DAP's in this price range. If you really want LO and solid bluetooth support then stick with Cayin or Shanling over Fiio. Just check out the Fiio site and see how many firmware updates Fiio's has released for their DAP's, pretty insane if you ask me. It points to a severe lack of quality control for their DAP's on initial release

    As for this M7 it looks interesting feature wise but it needs to be a big improvement over the dead on release M3. Basically it looks like a Smartphone without the phone! Fiio's model number choice of M7 seems to indicate low budget like the M3. I mean on paper it has better bluetooth support than even their most expensive DAP's with AptX/AptX-HD and even LDAC support apparently.

    This article https://www.sammobile.com/news/samsungs-exynos-7270-processor-now-powers-a-hifi-music-player/ describes it as a rather unremarkable music player with a Samsung Smartphone processor and chipset crammed into a Chinese DAP. It has a larger and higher resolution screen than the X1-II and X3-III for that matter and pretty much the same as the A45. Specs show 70 mW into 16 ohms and 40 mW into 32 ohms and supports up to a 512 GB microsd card and an FM radio.

    I am betting it is Fiio's attempt to compete straight up against the Sony A series right down to the LDAC support and FM radio. Not sure how successful Fiio will be doing that but if it is significantly cheaper than the A45 it may steal some sales from Sony. But if the M7 has as many issues as the M3 and even X1-II had on first release then it may get crushed by the A45 right out of the gate. Should be interesting to see it perform once released and how buggy it is, history is not on Fiio's side!
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2018
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  10. Drew2388

    Thank you for the insight. That's what I would be worried about with the fiio and Bluetooth. My home system is more than adequate for sound so the line out I don't think matters to me at all. I just want something that sounds good and does what it says it does.
  11. James McGregor
    I agree, perhaps the HO perfroms just as well as the LO, the only thing that bothers me a little is.....I would then need to switch off all enhancements (of which there seem to many), typically a line out will do that automatically, or at least give a choice to do that
  12. nitarzv
    Hello guys,

    well, I have both, the Fiio X3 mark lll and the Sony NW-A45. I didn't used the Bluetooth on any device or LO on Fiio, so I cannot comment on this aspect.
    But, as a pure DAP, I think Sony is far more superior, at least for me, and I give you some reasons that matters to me:
    - Sony is much smaller than Fiio
    - touch screen capabilities are a big plus, it is much easier to navigate through menus and songs, I am an active listener, so I like FFW and REW using touch
    - I have some songs that Fiio doesn't play, but Sony does. That songs are legitimate, and on Fiio I have the progress bar on those songs, but no sound at all - strange, because I don't have unsupported format message, maybe is a bug from Fiio
    - Fiio is still laggier, even after the last firmware, IMO Sony is much more easier to use
    - cover arts for songs and albums fits perfect on Sony display (automatically, regardless the size of picture), but on Fiio's display it doesn't fits exactly
    - as for SQ, I think they are about the same, very good quality from both, maybe Sony have a rounder bass

    So, as an overall experience, I think Sony is better than Fiio.
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  13. mysticstryk
    Does anyone know what the output impedance of the A45 is? Sony is always secretive about some of the specs but it's been out for awhile now.
  14. chinerino
    I think someone before highlighted this before , enthusiasts guessing about 2-5 ohms and thats why sony is not highlighting them
  15. mysticstryk
    2-5 is a massive difference with regards to driving efficient IEMs.

    Has anyone seen measurements that might show the OI?
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