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Sony MDR-V6...Should I just quit while I'm ahead???

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by gknocks, Dec 8, 2012.
  1. gknocks
    First of all, I apologize for not posting in that recommendations thread, but I really really wanted as much different opinions as I can get.  And this is my first post ever, so maybe I can get a pass??
    Anyways, fellas, I've checked out this forum off and on from YEARS ago--never became a member until just last week though.  I'm a full-on noob when it comes to headphones.  And to make the problem even easier, I don't have much money to play with here (3 kids will do that to a public school teacher's budget).  I've had these Sony V6s for maybe 3-4 years and just absolutely love it.  
    To make a long story short, is there something similar to these Sonys in the 150 price range?  I listen to a pretty weird range of music: everything from hip-hop/r&b to country to Bob Marley to Hawaiian slack key.  Problem is, I've listened to those Bose, Beats, VModa, and I guess they all have that "warm" sound that people talk about.  I don't like it.  I don't know the language here, but to me, the mids and highs sound extremely "muffled".  OK for hip-hop, but with Bob and the slack key, it's hard to describe......the music almost sounds "dead".  Just "muffled", for lack of better words.
    Which is why I love the V6s........
    So, first of all....am I right re: the mids/highs of those earphones I just mentioned??  Is that a sound that people actually look for in headphones??  Are my ears just untrained or messed up???  
    And more importantly, do you think there is such thing as an upgrade to the V6s without getting that "warm" sound?
    oh...I listen mainly straight from my iPad or iPod.  Thought a bit about getting one of those small amps but according to posts on here, seemed like it wouldn't help my situation....
    Any thoughts are appreciated!!  Thanks!
  2. TMRaven
    I'd possibly wait longer and get a headphone that's even higher priced when you have the money for it.  You'll find that after your first major headphone purchase, everything hits severe diminishing returns, and it takes quite a bit of money to notice drastic improvements.
  3. Minarets
    If anything in that range I would say ATH M50 but the V6 are mighty fine in their own right.
  4. Hoagie
    in my opinion a line out and small amp such as a Fiio E11 would be a better way to spend your money for now.  The amp is not about volume per se, but about clarity and detail.  The M50 would have more bass in the sound signiture, but the bass boost on the amp would provide this as well.  
  5. rhythm is life
    You're totally right about the sound of the headphones you mentioned. Just about every new headphone I've listened to recently (mostly at places like Best Buy and the Apple Store) have that warm sound. Headphones such as the ones that Bose and Beats make are known as "consumer" headphones because they produce a sound that is pleasing to the non-discerning casual listener. Your Sony V6s are designed to have a balanced frequency response, so the midrange and treble will not be drowned out by the bass.
    The Audio-Technica ATH-M50 is a very good headphone in the $150 range with a clear sound. They perform very well straight out of an iDevice, as does the V6. For both of these headphones, a headphone amp will boost the volume appreciably but the change in sound quality will be relatively small. I say if you love your headphones, keep 'em. The Sony V6 has been around for a long time but it's still one of the best sounding headphones you can get for under $150.
  6. PurpleAngel Contributor
    You could try some Beyerdynamic EDT 250 Velor ear pads ($18.48) for your MDR-V6s. It's cheaper then a $150 "change".
    It's more of a comfort change, then sound quality change. But should add to the resell value of the V6s.
    Chances are something like the Fiio E6 ($28) would not change the audio quality compared to plugging headphones into the iPod
    Fiio E11 ($51) might make a slightly more noticeable difference.
    Currently my best bang for the buck headphone is the Gemini HSR-1000, $85 shipped.
  7. Mike112
    I haven't heard the Sony V6, but from what you've posted I think you might like the KRK 8400 if you're looking for a new headphone. They're very clear and bass, while there and crisp sounding IMO, isn't at all overpowering. 
  8. gknocks
    Thanks for the great replies guys!

    I actually bought those beyerdynamic pads the very week I bought the sonys! And I purchased them from b&h too. Come to think of it, Im pretty sure it was the peeps on headfi who directed me there! Crazy to think 4 years later I'm still happy! Wish my other stuff lasted that long....

    Honestly, the M50s have been at the top of my list for awhile...just never pulled the trigger. Been sitting on my amazon wish list for over 2 months..ha. Was ready to purchase it but I got sucked into the vmoda lightning deal on amazon and now I'm out 75 bucks and trying to unload it.

    Yup...those Fiios a bunch too and saw all of the conflicting opinions re: the difference I'd see.

    I've never heard of those KRK8400 or Geminis so I'll check those out.

    Again thanks for the help!
  9. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Do do own the KRK8400, but they are buried some were and have not used them in months.
    Still think the Pro 80s are a little better, but I'll dig out the KNK8400 and retest.
  10. tomb
    If you did the velour pads upgrade to the V6, then the post above is probably the thing you need to focus on.  You're really talking $200 and above before you're going to notice a remarkable difference.  At mid-$200's, especially, it opens you up to all sorts of formerly-top-tier headphones such as Sennheiser HD600's, AKG K701's, Beyer DT880's, HD25-1 II's, and Grados that may really have bass response, etc., etc.  You'd have to buy some of these used to stay in the $200+ category, but it's possible.  A few years ago, the HD600, AKG K701, and Beyer DT880 were the top-of-the-line.  Then you'd have some Grado outliers - the RS1, RS2, HF-1's, etc. that you could buy used at about the price of the others (mid-$200's).  For awhile, the Denon D2000's were mid-$200's brand-new, but the new Denon line is not made by  Fostex and they reportedly suck.  Getting a highly-modded Fostex T50rp might be the way to go, too - it will certainly keep up with the bass response you may be used to in the V6 - however, you're dealing with individual modders and except for the Thunderpants (much more than $200), you may be taking a risk.
    I may have forgotten some brands, but most of the above has been my experience.  The most I ever paid for headphones was the $400 and change I spent for the HF-2's.  Everything else has been below $300. [​IMG]

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