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  1. Redcarmoose
    The ZX300 is a good subject for this thread as driving the IER-Z1R off an Apple dongle is a good subject. Due to the IER-Z1R personality, if a person likes the tone from a phone, getting a better source just makes things better.

    I understand you. I totally understand what your saying. I’ve been around (11 years) and personally I’ve purchased $2000 flagships where folks were in tears about how they sounded, but I was like “meh”?

    I understand what your going through. Basically there are different audiophiles. There are the ones that like thinner faster low end; think HD800 sounding lows. These audiophiles are just as correct as the folks who gravitate towards more bass heavy signatures. Though you should do the both finger pressing test of pushing and holding the IER-Z1Rs in place farther in. If you push them around, basically any direction and the sound does not change you have reached optimal fit and tips. This is important here as somehow with this IEM inner-inside fit is important for the DD super tweeter.

    The Sony sound IS not for everyone. I would try the Noble Encore or the Noble Khan. Try a thinner sounding more mid-centric signature as that may be your home. The thing is this IER-Z1R signature is in many ways a departure from the more bass response of the XBA-N3....the Z5, the Z7 and the full-size Z1R. It’s just that it’s still the Sony house sound.

    There may be an acclimation for you later on, but it would take a month. Literally an attempt of using the IEMs only as your only IEMs to see if your perception of “correct” could somehow switch-over. But there is a pretty good chance, like 80% that you know your sound preferences already and the IER-Z1R may not be meant for you.

    The choice of music here is irrelevant, as for folks into the IER-Z1R that aspect does not matter, for them they do it all.

    Next the ZX300.

    Regardless you should be not on low gain but high gain. High gain is going to increase damping factor and get this bass issue out of the woods......so to speak. Also what firmware are you on?

    Next you should try the 1A. Seriously try another source to try and confirm if it’s simply a bad combination for you. What I’m trying to say this stuff is exactly like car seat adjustment. If the seat is out of place you can be uncomfortable. A long drive.......fricking mental!

    Make a small car seat adjustment, which could be fit? It could be the DAP. Because your on low gain with the warmest DAP complaining about basically “warmth”...... Lol.

    When the car seat is in place, you can function and take in the sights (music) because your not thinking about your position.

    Cheers! Good luck.

    Right....there is no absolute right or wrong here. Everyone becomes correct when they find their own personal sound signature. It’s like the temperature of coffee, some want hot, others not so much. This is not a question of good taste or bad taste. But the important thing is understanding your personal wants and needs. Some of the time it’s a really small change like a different DAP, or even something as little as a different cable replacement. It’s wild!!
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2019
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  2. BananaOoyoo
    Please do not buy the Khan before auditioning it first.
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  3. endlesswaves
    Able to drive it loud enough is not the same as able to drive it to it's higher potential. I suspect IER-Z1R is harder to driver than most IEMs as I was on 90/120 and high gain on 4.4mm balanced on my WM1A. My normal listening is below 60/120 on low gain out of 4.4mm balanced.

    Anybody with Hiby R6 Pro or DX200 with AMP 8 able to chime in?
  4. Sp12er3
    @rutter recommendation for now is.... Let it burn in and Sleep it off? All these are mostly first hours impressions.
  5. nanaholic
    It's not the power - you need to change tips and push the IEM further into your ear canal. The Z1R has fairly average sensitivity and its impedance is not particularly high either, so any time when someone says they need to really dial up the volume then the alarm goes off in my head.

    I test the Z1R out of my 1Z and didn't need more than 75 on low gain, and I usually listen to my Justear MH1 on 65 on low gain. If you are going 90+ on high gain you are obviously not achieving proper seal.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2019
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  6. WhatToChoose
    Can we get some more general information about the IER Z1Rs from normal people who experienced them? Getting more impressions would help clarify what these are all about, since current impressions seem inconsistent. Some people claim these are awesome, and then you see some pop up for sale by people who are clearly unimpressed by the sound sig, but they don't say it since it would hurt the sale.

    This would be much more helpful than the past 3 pages of everyone responding to this never satisfied drama queen.
  7. Redcarmoose
    Every new IEM/headphone. But of course the product needs to actually be available first. :)

    1) Folks buy it even though they don’t know what sound they prefer.
    2) Some folks love it.
    3) Some folks learn to love it.
    4) Some hate the signature or don’t get the right fit.
    5) Some.....meh?
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2019
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  8. OverlordRush
    55 on low gain on my wm1a, and 45 on high gain on dx200 AMP 8.
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  9. jmills8
    What were some of the music tracks you were listening to ? Also were you inside alone in a quiet room or stuck in a bus full of noisy people ?
  10. candlejack
    Damn, I consider myself a watch lover and I really enjoy it when someone allows their watch to photobomb a headphone pic, but in this case the ostentatious manner in which the AP together with the monogrammed cuff were thrown into the photo doesn't exactly scream "good taste."
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  11. joshuachew
    Judging from what I've read in this thread and my love for the IER-Z1R, I do actually have bad taste.
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  12. jmills8
    You might have horrible taste, but if you are enjoying it then enjoy and dont change.
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  13. Redcarmoose
    Right the IER-Z1R is the 1994 Sony PlayStation Bass of IEMs. Timeless but still cheap and tawdry; .............almost a sleazy IEM.

    Last edited: Apr 23, 2019
  14. rutter
    According to koven out of the balanced output there is little difference between the zx300 and the wm1a. I'm trying the tone control of the zx300 and that isn't helping much with the mids. I'm mid 60s on high gain, which sounds rather loud, and think I'm getting a decent fit. It's kind of strange both people who listened to these with the wm1a claim to have done so at 90 volume on high gain and both seem to have been using balanced. Another thing that disappoints me is that at these prices you're expecting to hear notable technical improvements- soundstage, imaging, separation, detail, crispness, resolution, realism, variety and texture. People try to blame the music, dacs, and amps often but an HD800S out of a Jotunheim will show substantial differences in comparison to other headphones. There's no such thing going on here. If the bass behaves better with burn in that could be a source of engagement but I'm just left wondering what's supposed to justify these values.

    Burn in continues. I'll get at least 150 hours which will also push the zx300 over the 200 hours recommended by Sony out of an output (I was at around 70 balanced). Vocals might be a deal-breaker, the rest perhaps "breaks in". Frankly, who enjoys such a mids tuning? At high prices your goal should be to do everything or as much as you can right, not go after weird niches. Listening to Shakira right now and her voice is weak. I reflexively go for the volume. Ridiculous. I'll be there at the next engineer product promotion with tomatoes and lettuce when they're claiming they did everything right. I can't wrap my head around this stuff. I need someone to really vouch for the wm1a over the zx300 balanced to go through the trouble of changing my dap and letting these sit.


    I am finding the bass somewhat more palatable and engaging than yesterday. The key is it will need to "behave", which burn in is claimed to help with. These iems do seem to have an authority to their sound signature, but the balance is highly questionable.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2019
  15. BruceyWayne
    You should end your misery and just sell it to me
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