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  1. Legumez
    Interestingly enough, I ordered the Sony ZX300 case recently which arrived today, and there's a little "Produced: mm-yyyy" slip in it with English and Cyrillic. The manual inside claimed made in China and for Japan use only, so I doubt that the cyrillic is any indication of country of production ****ery.
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  2. Redcarmoose

    What? These style of discussions are about the IER-Z1R and this specific thread progress. Nothing could be more on point, plus we both own pairs of the IEMs in question?

    Well the ZX300 comes off the darkest of the 1Z, 1A and TA. From memory on the ZX300 fw. 2.0.

    The TA is also dark with the IER-Z1R but the imaging adds to definition where due to the ZX300 power, the lower mids may suffer slightly? This one aspect has often been subject of confusion for those not sure about the new Sony sound.
  3. echineko
    Maybe the Russian market is expanding now for Sony. My set purchased locally from an authorised dealer also had similar markings, said "made in Japan" iirc (thanks to Google translate).
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  4. Legumez
    My entirely unverified hypothesis is that Sony has both limited product offerings and distribution channels in Russia/Eastern Europe, so those customers mostly buy from grey market Asian sources, leading to Sony adding Cyrillic labeling to that region's products (a counterpoint being why not from Western Europe?)
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2019
  5. rutter
    So here's what I'm working with. I have a Sony ZX300 and am using the balanced output on low gain at around 90 volume with non-hi-res music, for "critical" listening I have over ten-year-old iTunes purchases and non-flac cd music. I have heard hi-res music, namely through Tidal and I have three stunningly pedestrian DSD songs that came with the ZX300 I do not want to revisit at the moment. They didn't sound incredible on the Solaris and now that I have forced myself to listen again they certainly don't sound incredible on the z1r either. Point being while I will give the benefit of the doubt to people who claim that hi-res is an absolute game changer I have not experienced this to be the case myself. I have heard astronomically bigger changes going from the Hifiman Edition X v2 to the Audeze LCD 3 to the Focal Clear to the Focal Utopia to the Audeze LCD X to the Sennheiser HD800S than from sitting on my ass for three hours in a store listening to Tidal versus what I normally listen to. In fact, as I'm listening to these two clowns on DSD practicing their guitar and violin (Paddy Fahey's by Adam Agee and Jon Sousa) I can tell you that I recall the Solaris being more realistic with the instruments. I could hear a bit of a grit that I don't with the Z1R.

    Anyway, what I currently hear is mediocre at best. Bass can be perceived as slightly exaggerated and sound-hogging although I don't think I hear it leaking or being excessively muddy. Neither is it notably punchy or defined. Just run of the mill bass that's a little boosted though I don't think this is what would be considered bass-head territory. Vocals aren't strong as we could've expected at this point. It's a question of whether they are average. I'm not sure. I thought on one song the female vocals were definitely recessed but I was much less sure on others. It's also interesting how much looking for such an issue could actually create it as I'm not sure I would've jumped on this aspect otherwise, but after some time and especially if I had the benefit of comparing with similar class iems I would've had a higher chance of picking up on something. Treble hasn't sounded harsh or fatiguing to me fortunately but it has sounded dry. The one thing the Z1R appears to do somewhat well is maybe separation, but on the whole sometimes I'm wondering if what I'm hearing is right on a basic level. Mind you, I've been left with a this is just thoroughly mediocre and categorically not worth it impression listening with the Solaris but I've yet to be occasionally pleased as I was at times (worth it being redundant) with the Solaris. Perhaps burn in is the missing factor. It may also be true that the Solaris is more generally forward than the Z1R.

    So we've got burn in, the ZX300, and my music to blame instead of the Z1R. The ZX300 is $600-$700 and may have been able to push the Solaris much better than it can push the Z1R. It's still $600-$700 ffs. What is this insanity. As far as the music is concerned I'm willing to spend a few tens of dollars to test it out, whether with Spotify, Tidal, or whatever service someone would suggest that has f****** Sandstorm by Darude in its selection.
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  6. rutter

    Jump to 2:40 of this song. The treble is leaving the venue on its way to the parking lot (or is that guitar in the mids?) and the bass is coming from a speaker next to you that is on its last legs. Jesus Christ Almighty why am I not a crazy rich Asian so that this would all be fine.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2019
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  7. endlesswaves
    Try playing around with different tips you have on hand. My 1st experience with IEM-Z1R was meh until I found a good seal (without vacuum feeling, not sure how to describe this).

    Am wondering if this IEM-Z1R scale with more power available. Is there a difference between the output of XZ300's 4.4mm and WM1A/Z's 4.4mm. Maybe someone with a more powerful source can chime in.
  8. rutter
    I've tried a few tips around where I should be. Using the M hybrid silicones at the moment. Tried MS and ML as well as M and MS of the triple-comforts.

    I'm at the end of my return window on Amazon with the ZX300. At risk of getting my account closed or receiving a second passive aggressive warning/inquiry as to why I'm returning stuff I can return it and snatch a used WM1A (makes me sad one is just available and they may not pop up too often)... perhaps I shouldn't cough up an extra $500 for a new one.
  9. jmills8
    Most dont listen to that style. Mosy listen to high pitch singing with no bass.
  10. Rockwell75
    The balanced out on the ZX300 is 200mw compared to 250mw with the 1a/1z...I would be very surprised if the ZX300 couldn't adequately drive the Z1R...or any IEM for that matter.
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  11. rutter

    I hear overcompensation on the bass. Vocals unimpressive and could use a boost. Aren't there Asian audiophiles who listen to Dire Straits, jazz, and classical? How about The Wall? Currently using a Magni 3 on low gain, switched cables. Seems to drive these with more authority. The Solaris is definitely different, the Magni 3 destroyed it. Incredibly muddy bass. This is just excessive but reasonably behaved.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2019
  12. jmills8
    200mw or 300mw ok for vocals, I prefer 500 and up mw with dynamic drivers.
  13. Rockwell75
    For IEMs?
  14. rutter
    To my shock the ZX300 drove my Sennheiser HD650 so poorly the headphones sounded better driven out of an iPod. I had a Fiio A5 portable amplifier lying around and despite it being a deplorably unnecessary pairing of a $600 dap with a $100 portable amplifier that did kind of do wonders for the HD650 with the ZX300. I'm trying the same combo with the Z1R now and while I should compare against the balanced output of the ZX300 I don't think this will end up topping the HD650 at $350.
  15. Rockwell75
    Through the balanced out? I know it's like 5-6 times more powerful (the standard output on the ZX300 for some reason is notoriously underpowered).
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