So what's the word on the new Ultrasone HFI-780????
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Funny, I agree with you in some ways, but you have to remember my D2000 and HD600 have both been recabled and it really does make a difference. Someone in the ALO modded HFI780 thread asked me about D2000 vs ALO 780.

So, I did a comparison of them in the ALO modded 780 thread for him, and then I came in to read this thread and thought it was a big coincidence.

This is what I said:

Guess we can agree on some things then!
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Since the ALO Hfi750 is $450 and one can get a Darth Beyer for about the same would these sonically compare?
HPaddict, I see that you had a pair of DB's V3's in the past. Although probably from deep memory, can you comment on any sound differences between the DB's and the ALO780's?

for everyone else, here is the PM I responded to about this, as it's easier to just paste it in for everyone who cares.


Originally Posted by tako_tsubo
Hi Larry could you comment on the sonic differences...likes/ dislikes between the alo hfi780's and darth beyers? I noticed that you had some DB v3 in the past. Posted a question on the big 780 post...hope you can find that spark of memory

The Darth Shallow cup need EQ to add 3-4db in the 250-500Hz range, and to remove 3-4db from the 64-125Hz range - otherwise the bass is boxy and boomy, and the mids are withdrawn and too distant. I am told the deep cup Darths don't have that problem.

The 780 if left stock need careful selection in choice of amplifier, or of the opamps and tubes in the amplifier, so they don't augment the bright treble. The treble is not a problem in most good recordings, but recordings with sibilance in them stand out as a problem. With 250 hours on them, it was better than at 100 hours, but the only thing that made the problem go away completely was the ALO re-cable with removal of the diode board. After the re-cable I have absolutely NO complaints about the 780's, i.e. I find no glaring or irritating faults in them. Bass is tight and strong, mids are rich and warm, and highs are smooth and crisp - with good detail throughout.

However, when I compare them to my Edition 9 (2-3x the cost of the ALO modded one, depending on the cable), the 780 have a little less size to the soundstage, and a little less body and texture to the instruments. The sound is so similar they sound like siblings, but the sound is different enough that you wont mix them up when listening blindfolded.

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I wonder how the 780's would sound with the drivers in the 750/Ed 9 ? Might be interesting if the dimensions are right.
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I like this site because i love audio, but i care about others too. Is a quality and a defect mine...
In other hand. To buy the things that i have now. I have to save for a lot of time (headphones). The laptop that i have now, I get after of sell an odontologic office of my mother (was a long and an hard work to get the client and to solve some debt problems (and was my first time that i do something like that) in notary's office). The money that i got* (the half (the other half was for the other "partner" of my mother (and old and unfriendly and common woman) that didn't do nothing ))*was for cancel mother's debts and the rest was for my brothers that not live with me.

I buy my beyerdynamic headphones, because i want isolation (DT770pro) and after the DT990 to replace my ex 5.1 speakers that i can't use and i known (in agreed of all the research that i make for months ) that this headphone was the only with the characteristics to replace them, and i buy them when the price was the best.

Ah, you don't need to be sarcastic, OK?. And if i has a lot of money in this moment, i will make my contribution to the red cross or to other charity agencies.
I don't speak for speak.

Well, going to the thread. it will be interesting a real comparison between the HFI-780 and Pro750...

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How about you stop wasting your precious time posting to this site and go help the world? You talk down to other people for spending money while you're sitting on a headphone forum with some rather expensive cans of your own (not to mention a laptop) in your sig?

Perhaps if you were a little less concerned about what other people have or don't have, you would be able to spend more of your own time helping the world, instead of ridiculing other people needlessly. Who are you to attack someone who's done no wrong to you?

By the way. Your headphones cost WAY more than mine. Perhaps if you were more frugal you would sell those expensive Beyerdynamics and buy some cheap headphones so you could help other people.

Can we get back to talking about headphones now?

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hp-addict, i gotta relevant (perhaps...) question for ya. how do the 780s compare to the hfi700s? i've previously owned the latter can and they struck me as more of a gaming and movie can rather than a serious music can (helluva bottom end though!). isn't that how the 780 is also being billed?
i don't get the love for the 750s. i briefly had a set that supposedly had been well burned in and i found it downright annoying. perhaps it wasn't as well burned in as i'd been led to believe. my 2500s are a far more listenable phone than my 750s were, and a far better music can than my 700s were.

I agree with a lot of that. I think the HFI780 are more of a music can than the HFI700, while the 2500 don't do movies as well as music. Addionally, the 780 can do both well but with a different presentation for music than the 2500. The dialog is just too distant on the 2500 for movies, but music takes on a bigger soundstage with 2500 than with the 780 which is more upfront.

The 780 also isolate better than the HFI700, and have bigger ear cups with more room, and they feel more solid than the 700. The 780 bass is to die for.
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Wilashort, perhaps now you see that it's better for you not to make personal judgements on this site. I accept your apology. Let's move on.

I want to be VERY clear about what I said regarding the 780's:

1. They are excellent headphones, and offer good value for the money
2. They have a somewhat forward, aggressive, "exciting" sound
3. This sound will appeal more to some people than others
4. I personally prefer the more laid back sound of the AT ESW9, and as such, will be keeping those as my main portable headphone
5. The 780's are fairly comfortable, but nowhere near Beyer/JVC/Denon level comfort. They also lack the refinement of my better home headphones, even after 300+ hours, which is no surprise.

So, would I recommend them? Sure! As long as a somewhat forward/aggressive sound is what the potential buyer likes. And I know that is exactly what many people do indeed like.
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Yes, at this point I do hope the 780's pull back a little. I know we all have different tastes but they are just a bit aggressive (forward mids and a touch of brightness). Hopefully some more time will tame them or maybe a cable change.
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I had hoped for that as well, but after 300+ hours, it did not happen, alas.
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I wonder how the 780's would sound with the drivers in the 750/Ed 9 ? Might be interesting if the dimensions are right.

If I am not imagining things, there was an old post somewhere in "There is something about Ultrasones" from one of the Ultrasone engineers who used Proline drivers in HFI-700 enclosures.
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Originally Posted by Skylab /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I had hoped for that as well, but after 300+ hours, it did not happen, alas.

Don't they have mylar drivers that do not require as much burn as titanium plated in Prolines?
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Don't they have mylar drivers that do not require that much burn as titanium plated in Prolines?

I would guess that the substrate is mylar for both but one has titanium while the 780 has gold as a appliqué or spray over it.
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That is what I have read.

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